Crypto Compared System is the next released crypto trading solution that is now available and accessible. The product is supposed to be created by a man called Evan Myers. He presents himself as a professional and quite successful shares and stock investor who allegedly started directing his financial operations towards the current Bitcoin value in March 2011. Soon after that, he started to trade with other digital currencies, too, depending on their price movement.

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What makes us suspicious about this newly launched crypto robot is the fact that we couldn’t find any reliable information to confirm the existence of the supposed creator. There isn’t any photo or social account info, therefore, it is more than obvious that this man doesn’t really exist. One should definitely think twice before proceeding to register with this online investment solution.

In this line of thinking, we would advise all our readers to stay away from this potential scam system and to . Still, if you are willing to get some more details about this bogus software, read the following review.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Registration Fee
  • Software: Crypto Trading Software
  • Max Returns: 150%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Simple Website


  • Non-existent Creator
  • Negative Feedback
  • Fake Trading System

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Not Reliable Service

Evan Myers Does Not Exist!

If you follow the official info which is provided on the website of the trading system, its creator is supposed to be a former high-frequency trader, who has specialized in dealing with binds and stocks. He had a job after the World Financial Crisis but quickly understood that cryptocurrencies were a very promising investment sector. So, he started to deal with Bitcoin, then with other digital currencies, too.

Somewhere in 2015 Mr. Myers allegedly decided to devote his time and efforts into developing a cryptocurrency trading platform that could deliver satisfying and consistent results on the behalf of its clients. He allegedly implemented useful advice or ‘tips’, as the official website refers to them, from experienced crypto traders.

So far so good, however, we weren’t able to find any substantial and trustworthy info source to explain how exactly this principle is utilized by the programming algorithm.

How Does Crypto Compared Work?

According to the info provided by the official site of the trading robot, it follows some simple steps to function.

  • Collection of Data – The algorithm is supposed to gather some trading tips from sources. If many people are making the same choice, then the algorithm takes it for reliable.
  • Comparison with Existing Patterns – The data is immediately correlated to preset price movements of that particular cryptocurrency.
  • Cross-Reference with Real Price Projections – here, some expert prognosis is allegedly compared with the tip and if there is not a chance for it to actually happen, then a yellow flag is placed against the name of the user who issued it. Also, Evan Myers is said to have the final word when it comes to transferring the info to the users’ account.

Crypto Compared Is a Scam?

As we already informed you herein above, the Crypto Compared trading system is most likely a scam that should be avoided at any cost. We came to this conclusion due to the serious problems in the working process of the platform, that we managed to reveal. Not to mention the fact that when we checked the Internet space for some first-hand feedback, we discovered that all of it was negative. The other reviews on the crypto robot are not recommending the product, either.

Finally, you should be warned that the access to the crypto system is actually paid. You should pay a $37 to gain access to the signals it supposedly generates. Also, the system doesn’t have any special or unique feature, nor it offers a high-quality customer support service.

If you want to deal with a legit and proven crypto trading platform, then you should seriously consider the option to join the Crypto CFD Trader system.

Final Words

Crypto Compared is a product that fails to deliver any positive results. The official site of the software presents it as a reliable and very powerful trading platform, however, the reality is completely different. In fact, we are not even sure whether the product delivers any signals, at all. It seems like a fake product with a fake creator and story.



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