Developed by someone called Mathew Shepard, Cloud Trader is a new Forex trading robot. It was launched recently and claims to make over $1250 every single day. The developer of the system has claimed further that the software has not lost any traders so far. What he basically means is that traders who use his software can expect 100% winning rate.

But from our experience, we know this is not true. There is no software that can guarantee massive profits with zero loss. In Forex trading, nothing is certain, not even how the market will perform in the next hour, the next day or over the next couple of days. Even for human analysists who work day and night to comprehend the market patterns, it is not possible to come up with the right predictions all the time. So we really doubt that a software can achieve 100% success rate.

We have found out a lot of information about Cloud Trader during our investigation. We have some revelations to make and therefore we recommend traders to read this complete review.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free for Sign Up
  • Software: Auto-Profit Software
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Online Based


  • Not Reliable Algorithm
  • Scam Broker Connections
  • Unrealistic Winning Ratio
  • Not Real Founder
  • Fake Testimonials

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What Is Cloud Trader?

The Cloud Trader is a Forex robot that claims to earn thousands of dollars in profits for its users. Traders can register for this software by completing a simple sign up process. After this, they will be assigned a broker with whom traders can make a deposit of at least $250 and initiate automated execution of trades.

According to the claims made by the developer, traders will not lose any trades in their entire life. We were quite shocked to hear this claim, but then this is not the first time this kind of claim has been made. Actually making a bold claim like this is a clever tactic used by scammers in the Forex industry. Forex systems that are fake and bogus usually use such tactic to lure traders into completing the sign up process and depositing money with a fraudulent broker.

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For the innocent trader, there is no guarantee of earning profits after the sign up is complete. The only ones gaining here are the developer, broker and marketers of the app. We have exposed similar apps in the past and all of them had one thing in common and that is a bold claim.

Interesting Fact:

There is nothing such as 100% success in Forex and CFDs trading. due to the highly volatile nature of the market, there is always a level of uncertainty that exists as far as movements in price is concerned. Traders must stay away from any system that claims to be 100% accurate.

How Does Cloud Trader Work?

Cloud Trader works just like a random number generating software. Although the developer has claimed that it searches for repetitive patterns and makes predictions based on a thorough analysis of the financial markets, the software is not capable of generating revenue on behalf of its users.

Generally, explanations on how the software works and its operational processes leaves users enlightened. But in the case of Cloud Trader, traders are left rather buffed and confused. The reason is that the developer didn’t find it necessary to outlines the details about the workings of the software. Achieving a 100% success rate is impossible, but we still want to know what makes the developer feel that his software has that kind of potential.

Our in-depth research shows that Cloud Trader doesn’t perform as expected. Traders have lost their investment as a result of using this app.

Is Cloud Trader Scam Or Not?

In the promo video, a man can be seen introducing himself as the CEO/founder of the Cloud Trader. He calls himself Mathew Shepard. But when you complete the sign up process and enter the member’s area, you will see a photograph of Mathew Shepard that doesn’t match the Mathew Shepard in the promo video. They are definitely two different people which proves that the person in the video is just a hired actor.


We knew that our suspicions about Cloud Trader being a scam software is on point when we read fake testimonials from the so-called genuine users of the software. there is no evidence on the internet that Cloud Trader is a legit software. We haven’t found any proof that traders have actually earned profits out of it and were able to withdraw their earnings in their personal accounts. So we don’t understand from where those testimonials come from. Most probably, they have been created by fake users and hired actors.

Upon completing our investigation, we have no reason to believe that Cloud Trader is a real and genuine software. the accuracy of the software is extremely low and it doesn’t allow traders to generate stable income from home. Its connections with scam brokers makes it even more risky to use.

Final Thoughts

Based on our observations and findings, there is very little possibility that this software is safe and reliable. Our only advice for traders is to skip signing up for the Cloud Trader app. This is a potentially dangerous scam and it must be avoided at all costs.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Cloud Trader to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Cloud Trader is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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