If you have been looking to make investments in bitcoins, then you may have come across Btc2 Double. The people who are standing behind this investment software claim that it will double your bitcoins in just six hours.

We all know how hard it truly is to acquire bitcoins or even earn from them. So it is quite unbelievable to see that a software can give you 200% of your investments within such a short period of time.

To reveal the truth about this newly launched system, we decided to conduct a full-fledged investigation and compile a comprehensive review.

What we have managed to find suggests that Btc2 Double is a scam program. There is no truth to the claims they have been making. We have shared further details in this review so continue reading to learn why you should not consider giving it a try.

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What is Btc2 Double?

Btc2 Double is a fraudulent scheme that has been designed to rip off unsuspecting investors. Just like other bitcoin scams, it makes absurd claims and promises regarding the kind of returns you can get when you invest with them. They tell you that you can expect to double your investment within the first 6 hours only and you can invest as many times as you want.

The creators of the program are unknown and even after conducting an in-depth research, we could not find out who those people are. They have vaguely mentioned ‘high frequency trading’, but they don’t seem to be engaged with any kind of trading activity. Chances are that they will simply run away with your investment funds or bitcoins as soon as you make a deposit with them.

There is also not much information available about them on the internet which only suggests that they are not reliable and they don’t have real investors. They are only looking for new traders who can fall for their trap.

Aside from the fact that they offer a fake investment scheme, they also offer MLM system whereby investors can bring in affiliates and get 10% commission. This pyramid scheme is also fake and it is a trick for getting more and more people to invest with them.


How Does Btc2 Double Work?

This scheme works by encouraging people to sign up with them and invest anywhere between 0.02 to 5 bitcoins. In their FAQ section, they have also mentioned the sites from where bitcoins can be purchased.

Anyone who wants to double their bitcoin has to enter the amount they are willing to invest. They have to provide their details such as their bitcoin address and wait for at least 6 hours before they can see any results.

To prove that they are legit, they have provided a list of their most recent investments along with the amount that has been invested and the returns. They claim to be the leaders and yet there is no information available about who they really are.

Another thing is that if doubling your bitcoins was so easy, anyone would become wealthy within just a couple of weeks. The entire scheme is fake because there is nothing such as a bitcoin doubler. There is no investment tool that can guarantee 200% returns and that too without any risks.

Btc2 Double is basically a pyramid scheme which has attracted the attention of investors and this program has nothing good to offer. It will dupe innocent traders and steal their bitcoins. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of such schemes and stay away from them.

Interesting Fact:

An interesting fact about bitcoins is that they can only be mined like gold and there is a total of 21 million bitcoins to be mined. Once this number is reached, the supply will come to an end.

Btc2 Double is a Scam

There is no doubt that Btc2 Double is a scam multilevel marketing scheme. As we have already mentioned, the people operating behind this scheme have chosen to remain anonymous and yet they expect you to make investments with them. Sending bitcoins to an online address without knowing where it is being transferred to is a big risk and it should serve as a warning that you are being scammed.

Another thing is that they are only promoting their scheme through social media and online forums. You may come across many threads and posts that discuss this investment program. You will see comments which indicate that it is legit and how some people have earned substantial returns by becoming a part of them.

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Our investigation has revealed that these scammers have multiple social media accounts which they use to post threads and reply to them. They pose as real investors and post positive comments so that anyone who sees the posts thinks that the program is a legitimate way to double bitcoins.

A program or scheme that can double your bitcoins doesn’t exist in the real world. Anyone who makes such promises is simply trying to fool you or benefit by running away with your investment.


At the end of our thorough research, we are of the opinion that Btc2 Double is a waste of time. It is not the right solution for generating returns from bitcoin investments. Their offer is nothing more than a trap that has been laid out to scam innocent people.

It is better to stay away from such schemes because they don’t allow you to gain anything out of them. Instead, you will be wasting your hard earned funds and in a way encouraging them to continue doing what they are doing.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on BTC2Double to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if BTC2Double is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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