Blackcoin Trends is a new online investment tool that has been developed and presented by Andrew Frost. Both these names were unknown in the world of financial trading till some time ago and just recently, they started gaining a lot of attention.

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So is Blackcoin Trends a good investment software or is it a hyped up trading tool that doesn’t have much to offer? In this comprehensive review, we will take a look at what this investment solution really has in store for its users. Most importantly, we’ll reveal the truth about its legitimacy.

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A Look into Blackcoin Trends?

Many people have been receiving emails related to this new trading software. It is claimed that anyone who uses this tool will be able to enhance their trading experience and at the same time optimize their results. Allegedly, the software assists traders with their investment tasks. It helps them find the best investment opportunities and make the best trading decisions. Moreover, it also promises to yield significant returns from the investments traders make in online financial assets.

But a thorough research suggests that their offer and claims may be too good to be true. If all this was truly possible with the aid of an investment tool, then every trader would be successful in the industry. We would not have any strugglers if all trading systems out there produced incredible results.

We also don’t understand what is the purpose of giving the software out for free if it has executional qualities and features. Plus, there is no evidence available anywhere on the internet that its claims and promises are true.


Blackcoin Trends: Operational Process

It was interesting to dig into the details of its working mechanism. We wanted to find out the basis on which these people are trying to make traders believe that their software has excellent functionalities and it works to help them improve their results.

It was extremely disturbing to see that Blackcoin Trends operates in a similar fashion as most other online scam trading tools.

Firstly, it will lure traders into signing up for the software claiming that it is free. Once traders have completed the process, they will be forced to register with a broker. Traders will be told that unless they register with their assigned broker, they won’t be able to use the software.

Next, traders will be asked for a deposit of $250. This is the minimum traders have to add to their account to get started with Blackcoin Trends.

Lastly, the software will provide bad investment advice that will make traders lose their capital. When traders lose, the brokers earn and this is how they steal funds from innocent traders.

Interesting Fact:

Blackcoin is actually a digital currency which was incepted sometime in 2014. It is unique compared to other digital currencies because transactions involving Blackcoin are fast and more reliable. It has an annual interest of only 1% and due to its PoS system, it is highly energy efficient.

Blackcoin Trends Is Not A Legit Option

It is quite upsetting to see the rate at which bogus trading tools are entering the market. Blackcoin Trends has nothing good to offer to its users because the only intention for which it has been introduced is to steal funds from traders.

There are a number of scam factors associated with Blackcoin Trends. First of all, their website is extremely suspicious. There is no truth to their claims because the kind of success ratio and accuracy they have outlined is not possible to achieve. Even the best trading systems cannot guarantee this kind of results.

On their website, you will also see some statistics and account summaries of their users. We believe that those figures have been inflated on purpose to lure traders into signing up for the software. The screenshots are fake because there is no concrete evidence that it can deliver such results.

Even the developer of the system is fake. There is no famous person by the name of Andrew Frost who is associated with this system. Frost is actually created out of imagination and this is the reason there is no image of him available anywhere on the internet. The voice over video presentation has been done by some hired actor.

We did not find anything genuine about this trading tool at any point during our research. In fact, the feedback we have obtained from the online trading community only suggest that Blackcoin Trends is a malicious trading software.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to find a legit trading tool given the fact that the market is saturated with fake ones. But if you do a good research and continue to read reviews, you will be able to end up with an investment solution that is legit and reliable. Blackcoin Trends is just a hype and we urge you to stay away from it. It is definitely not the right solution for investing in the online financial markets.



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