Bitcoin Trade Robot is one of the most recently presented cryptocurrency robots. It is now available and everyone can take a close look at it. We have to say here that the investment platform is actually an automated trading software designed mainly for Bitcoin transactions. In other words, it is supposedly able to generate some highly accurate trading signals and then execute the trades automatically.

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Another interesting feature of the new investment tool is the fact that it is browser-based. So, users won’t have to download any additional files to their desktop to start using the system. Finally, we remained disappointed with the fact that the creator of the robot is anonymous so no one is able to get any information about him.

In fact, we managed to reveal many other disturbing facts about the trading solution. This is why we advise our readers not to deal with it but to Proceed to Safe Robot . Read on to learn more details.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Sign Up-Free System
  • Software: Bitcoin Trade Robot
  • Max Returns: 82%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Browser-based Software


  • Anonymous Creator
  • Fake Users Testimonials
  • Unreliable Success Rate

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Not Reliable Service

BitcoinTradeRobot – Overview

According to the stated information from the official page of the crypto robot, it is supposedly the smartest way for investing in Bitcoin. Also, the automated system is said to be specially developed by a team of professional cryptocurrency traders and market analysts. Allegedly, they have tested some different trading algorithms and strategies to come up with a ready fully automated solution. It is therefore expected to deliver positive results in most of the cases.

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Furthermore, the team behind the product claim that most of our users spend less than 20 minutes a day setting up the system. This means that users are promised to be able to start generating positive results with minimum efforts.

An Interesting Fact:

Did you know that for the past 12 months the price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency has increased by 13,000%? And the most interesting part is that this isn’t even the most popular and successful cryptocurrency on the market, the Bitcoin is. So, the potential of this business is really significant.

How to Start with BitcoinTrade Robot?

The registration process with this automated crypto trading software is, of course, simple and easy which is normal for the industry. Allegedly, the account access is not related to any fees and costs. All you need is to sign up for a personal account and choose your trading settings. The adjustment time is short.

When all the features of the robot are set up, it can start trading on autopilot mode on your behalf. This will make sure that the generated results will be reflected in your profile. Still, due to the scam signs, we revealed about the system, we do not advise anyone to use it, especially in autopilot mode.

Bitcoin Trade Robot – a Scam or Working Solution?

From our detailed research, we managed to reveal some very disturbing facts about the robot. This is why we claim that Bitcoin Trade Robot is a scam that should be avoided at any cost. None of the functions of the solution work properly. In addition, the Internet space is full of negative users’ testimonials. People seem quite disappointed with the experience they had with the robot.


This is the biggest proof for the scam origin of a trading system, therefore, we are more than certain that trading with it will be dangerous to your pocket. In case you really need to find a properly working online trading platform, we would strongly recommend the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.

Final Verdict

The Bitcoin Trade Robot is nothing more than a regular scam system that is trying to attract the attention of the online investors. It promises great results based on its experience and power in the cryptocurrency trading market, however, all of these statements are fake and absolutely fabricated. This is why you should move forward and find a truly legit investment solution.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin TradeRobot to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin TradeRobot is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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