Presented by Jasper Boyle, the Bitcoin South African System is a platform that allows traders to invest in Bitcoin and generate substantial returns. It has been launched on the market as a trading software that can provide top quality trading assistance to investors.

According to the various claims, you don’t need to have any experience or expertize in financial investments if you want to use this software successfully. They say that the software is so powerful that it produces highly accurate signals which can be used to execute winning trades.

So is this trading tool supposed to earn your thousands of dollars on a weekly basis or is the Bitcoin African System a scam, just another one?

Since we had our doubts, we performed a thorough investigation to establish the legitimacy of this trading system. We have compiled our findings into this review. Read on and learn the truth about the software and why you should avoid it.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Crypto Investment Solution
  • Max Returns: 60-80%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Simple Sign-Up Procedure


  • Fake Creator
  • Not Worthy
  • Low Success Rate
  • Negative Users’ Testimonials

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Not Reliable Service


The Bitcoin industry has witnessed enormous growth over the past couple of years and there is no doubt that it has attracted the attention of countless investors from across the globe.

But is it possible that a system like the Bitcoin South African System could revolutionize the way in which investments in this digital coin are being made? We don’t think so because there is no evidence of it performing to help traders meet their investment goals.

Although the software has been launched as a technologically advanced solution to generating considerable returns from Bitcoin investments, it is not quite feasible for it to attain 99% accuracy at any level.

They say that your investments will remain safe because their software is highly accurate. But don’t we know that the Bitcoin industry is risky due to the volatility of the markets? There is no chance that an investment app can guarantee winning trades all the time.

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So How Does It Really Work?

First of all, the Bitcoin South African System is a duplicate app. It has been produced several times before and released under different names. They all have identical websites which feature an introductory video where you are told the story of how Bitcoin evolved and how you can become the next millionaire.

According to the video, this trading software puts the power of earning into your hands. It allegedly achieves a 99% success rate and it executes trades without any risks. No matter how much you invest or how many trades you execute, you are guaranteed to be a winner and see your account grow significantly.

Attention! Fakes!

Never join a system you doubt you might have encountered before! Authentic and genuine systems tend to offer something different, an edge. The rest are rip-offs. We can recommend you the Crypto CFD Trader as a much better alternative to this scam.

If you get convinced by their lies and decide to sign up, you will be redirected to a broker’s page. The problem here is that the broker affiliated with this software is unregulated and has a poor reputation in the industry. Moreover, you will be asked to make your first deposit of $250. Putting your funds into unknown accounts can prove to be risky for you. Since both the trading system and the broker are shady, you will most likely end up losing your investment capital.

Bitcoin South African System: Scam Investigation

If you watch the promo video, you will see a number of testimonials from happy users of this app. But, these are the same testimonials that have been given for many other fake trading systems. The same faces have promoted many scam products in the past, and this is one of the reasons we have for not trusting this system.

Another reason is that we have evidence that this software is a rehashed version of an old scam. They all work in the same manner to dupe innocent traders and steal their investment funds.

Additional Scam Proof

Some of the names under which the Bitcoin South African System has been released in the past are Bitcoin Malay System, Bitcoin Aussie System, etc. They all have similar websites and features the same video. Many of the older versions have already been blacklisted and removed from the market.

They claim to offer a 99% accurate solution which sounds extremely funny and ridiculous. We have been reviewing trading systems for many years now and we haven’t come across many that offer more than 85% accuracy. Their absurd claims only indicate that they are lying. They are trying to manipulate traders and make them sign up with them.

The service they are running is completely anonymous. You may be thinking who is Jasper Boyle if this company is anonymous, right? Jasper is a fake personality and he has been created out of someone’s imagination to make this bogus system look genuine. We just have the name and no identity whatsoever. There are no social media profiles and no online presence at all. There is also no information on where these people are based or what their physical address is.


Final Thoughts

The Bitcoin South African System is a malicious and blacklisted trading tool. It was duplicated by cunning affiliated marketers who operate in partnership with fraudulent offshore brokers to defraud innocent traders and steal their investment capital.

There is no way anyone can earn anything out of this app. We don’t recommend it and we suggest that you stay away from it if you want to protect yourself and your funds.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin South African System to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin South African System is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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