The booming bitcoin industry has attracted the attention of numerous investors from across the globe. In fact, many traders get excited these days when they hear about a new trading system that claim to solve all their trading issues and help them generate considerable returns from bitcoin investments.

The industry has witnessed the rise and fall of countless investment tools. Every now and then a new system is released which promise exceptional results and massive returns. But, there is hardly any that stand up to their promise.

Recently, a new system by the name of Bitcoin Secret was launched. So is this one the real deal or just a ridiculous software that can offer nothing good?

We carried out an investigation to establish the legitimacy of Bitcoin Secret and at the end of our research, we are of the opinion that it is a pathetic scam that is disguised as a genuine trading tool. We recommend you to OR find a Reliable Software to trade with form the table below:

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Not Reliable Service

What is Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin Secret has been released as an online financial trading tool and according to various claims it can help traders achieve 99.4% success rate for every trade they execute. The information on the website suggests that if you give it a try, you could become the next millionaire.

Their sales page also indicate that current users are enjoying retreats across the globe because it is so easy and profitable to use to use this app. The software allegedly predicts the future of the bitcoin markets and this is how it helps traders know in advance what trades will give them extraordinary results. Supposedly, the app tells when it is the right time to execute trades.


Do you really think becoming financially independent is this easy? If it was, the world wouldn’t be struggling with poverty. You cannot expect to work a few minutes a day, rely on a trading tool and start earning thousands of dollars every week. This is not possible, neither in the bitcoin markets, nor in any other online financial market.

This app is not an award winning app as they have claimed. Instead, it is a bogus creation that is operated by a group of fraudsters.

How Does Bitcoin Secret Work?

Bitcoin Secret only works to dupe unsuspecting traders. It is marketed as a system that can allegedly change lives and offer insane returns on bitcoin investments. But the problem is that it is marketed by scammers who are willing to tell every lie that they possibly can to get you to sign up for their fake product.

The people who have actually orchestrated this scam are unknown and if you end up signing with them, you will be putting your investment capital in mysterious accounts. Basically, you will be risking your funds and chances are very high that you will not get to see those funds again. You will neither be able to use it to make investments, nor will you be able to withdraw the amount.

Bitcoin Secret is affiliated with offshore brokers who will become your trading partners. They will ask for a minimum deposit of $250 and even encourage you to add more by giving you false promises. They will mislead you and deceive you and even if they allow you to win your trades, they will refuse payment when you submit a withdrawal request. They will not process your earnings and this is how they will steal your investment as well as the amount you have earned.

Interesting Fact:

Bitcoin Secret is the fake version of the legit Bitcoin Loophole software. After the success of Bitcoin Loophole, many scammers tried to duplicate the software and trick traders into believing that it was the same as Bitcoin Loophole. But the fact is that they both are different.

Bitcoin Secret: Scam Investigation

The level of transparency that the operators of Bitcoin Secret have demonstrated is zero. This means that we were unable to find any information on who they are and where they are located. The identity of the owners is hidden which only indicates that they are liars and fraudsters.

Throughout their website, they have used fake testimonials and inflated bank accounts which clearly prove that they are out there with ill intentions. If they were legit, their users would have happily shared their experience on forums and review websites. But, apart from their own website, there is not a single place where positive comments and reviews about them can be found. In fact, we found complaints related to poor performance, bad service and loss of funds.

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Many traders have lost their investment capital as a result of trusting this fake trading system. They didn’t realize that some clever thieves were trying to exploit their innocence and lack of knowledge for their own benefit.


Bitcoin Secret is a bogus trading system that has been put on the market for the sole purpose of stealing from you. These thieves are targeting your wallet to fill their own pockets. There is no reason we have to fall for their claims and promises because we know there is no truth in them. This is why we urge you to keep your distance as far from this trading tool as possible.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin Secret to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin Secret is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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