Does the word ‘Bitcoin’ leave an itch in your palm? Many people regret that they did not invest in this popular digital asset when it was dirt cheap. Over the past years, its value has continued to increase in an exponential manner and chances are that even if people make investments today, they will be able to generate significant returns.

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Recently, a new trading software by the name of Bitcoin Formula was released. It claims to assist traders with their investments in bitcoins and help them achieve impressive results. After looking at the claims and promises the owners have been making about their trading system, our team was compelled to carry out a detailed research.

Our investigation on this software is now complete and we have highlighted our findings in this review. If you have been looking for honest facts about Bitcoin Formula, we urge you to read this review. We recommend you to Proceed to Safe Robot OR find a Reliable Software to trade with form the table below:

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Unknown Amount
  • Software: Online Product Advertising Solution
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: Not Stated


  • Fresh & Engaging Software Concept


  • Not Endorsed By Mark Zuckerberg
  • Daniel Bluth Is Not A Real Person
  • No Limit To The Free Daily Spots
  • Never Explains How Users Accumulate Results
  • Barely Anything Authentic About It

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What is Bitcoin Formula?

Trading systems have become a viable solution for investors who want to streamline their trading strategy. Today, there are some really good solutions available on the internet that allow for customization and assist traders with the entire investment process. They are popular for the reason that they help traders minimize the common risks that are associated with trading and at the same time enhance their gains.

But it is quite sad that Bitcoin Formula doesn’t have such capability. It is not the system that can be used to amplify the earnings. It was crucial for our team to assess this solution carefully and our findings suggest that it is definitely not the right choice for investors.

On their website, there is very little information available about this software. instead of providing details about what it is, the owners have focussed more on the promises of returns that can be achieved by using it.


How Does Bitcoin Formula Work?

It is quite clear that Bitcoin Formula is not capable of delivering on its promise. The software doesn’t enhance gains and it doesn’t reduce risks associated with trading. Now you may be thinking what is it about if it doesn’t stand on its promise.

By taking a look at the working mechanism of Bitcoin Profit, it was easy for us to establish that the only thing that they are doing is attracting referrals. The trading system is not even an original piece of software. It is a duplicated version of an old scam.

It works by getting depositors for its affiliated broker. Our finding has revealed that the broker is unregulated which means that there will be no safety or security offered for the invested funds.

Traders are required to deposit a minimum of $250 with the broker. In return, the marketers of the software get a hefty commission. On their website, they have mentioned that traders have to follow a number of steps before withdrawals can take place. The fact is that the process has been designed to complicate withdrawals so traders can never get access to their funds.

Bitcoin Formula has no algorithms or mathematical codes incorporated to optimize its performance. It is a crappy app that randomizes signals and makes investors lose their trades.

Interesting Fact:

Despite being the most popular digital currency, Bitcoin has witnessed volatility on a daily basis. Sometimes, the value goes up and sometimes it goes down. There is nothing certain as far as the price is concerned and this is the reason it is not possible to make correct predictions about when it will rise and when it will drop.

Bitcoin Formula: Scam Investigation

Our scam investigation has proved that Bitcoin Formula is not a legit solution. The logic behind its claims cannot be explained because even the owners have no idea about how their software can achieve those kinds of outrageous results.

When anyone tries to contact them regarding how their software works, they never get a reply from the team. But when someone contacts them regarding deposits, then they provide assistance on how to make payment. This shows that the team is only after the funds and once they get it, they don’t care about what kind of results investors get.

Their claims regarding their accuracy rate is so absurd that it sounds hilarious to those who have experience in this field. What this shows is that they are targeting new and unsuspecting traders who have no idea about what a trading system can and cannot do.

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To choose to remain anonymous also doesn’t help prove their legitimacy because it is only fraudsters and scammers who hide their identities. We have no idea who developed or stole this concept and presented it under a new name to traders.

Lastly, their website is packed with fake testimonials. To verify this, simply copy and paste the images of their so-called traders into Google search and you will see a list of all the other products and places where their faces appear. These kinds of images can be easily stolen from stock photography websites.


Bitcoin Formula is not an ideal solution for investing in the lucrative world of digital currencies. It is a scam system that is designed to steal your investment capital. While you should not take the risk to invest with Bitcoin Formula, it will be much safer if you partner with a reliable and regulated trading platform.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin Formula to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin Formula is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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