Bitcoin Club is a new trading software that specializes in cryptocurrency exchange. While we would like to provide users with more exhaustive information regarding its supposed founding team members, there is no available.

According to the data provided on the website, the said are a group of highly-skilled Wall Street investors who turned to trading Bitcoins after the latter first emerged on the online market. Another nickname that the creators supposedly adopt is The Financial Freedom Club.

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This is exactly what the profit-amplifying tool is supposed to provide. There is, however, little concrete proof that it manages to do to great success. We would advise all users who were considering to complete the software’s free sign-up to avoid it as it is a probable scam.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Initial Investment Required
  • Software: Cryptocurrency Trading Robot
  • Max Returns: 70%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Offers a Number of Trading Opportunities


  • No Actual Proof Who the Creators Are
  • No Actual Success Rate
  • Dissatisfied User Reviews & Testimonials
  • Performance of the Robot is Not Good
  • No Explanation How It Mines for Bitcoins

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Not Reliable Service

What is The Bitcoin Club Cryptocurrency Software?

This income-generating solution is said to have been established and designed by a group of people who got sick and tired of working along the big Wall Street sharks, even though the monetary returns were consistent. They decided to develop a crypto exchange robot that would also offer risk-free trading services to regular users.

There is no existing information how they managed to carry out a successful transition from the regular real-market to the fully digitized one of Bitcoins which makes us doubt that the online investment tool is founded by scammers.

Users should stay weary that this might not turn out to be a reliable and authentic investment instrument. It is best for them to proceed and complete the free registration of a more trustworthy trading robot like QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It has completely secured deposit and withdrawal procedures and offers very high daily returns of up to 97.5%.

Interesting Fact:

Cryptocurrency brokers and robots are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. One has to be careful, though, as the completely digital exchanges cannot always be utilized in the real life. The number of new systems that operate in this distinct field continues to rise as the original Bitcoins have been almost entirely exhausted via mining.

How Does the Cryptocurrency Robot Operate?

Nobody knows exactly how does this online trading instrument work as there is close to no information available about its operational process. It might even turn out that it does not handle crypto exchanges at all. The data presented on the official website states that one can sign-up for free by filling out a registration form.

A verification link will then be sent to his personal inbox and the user will have to follow it. Once he activates his trading account by depositing a minimum of $250, a Personal Account Manager will get in touch with the trader to help him get started.

Is the Crypto Exchange System a Scam or Legit?

All existing trading reviews confirm that this virtual cryptocurrency software is not authentic. It is most likely a scam. Users have been mainly dissatisfied with the robot’s performance, stating that it only makes them about $500 in the good days.


Most of the times it does not manage to accumulate anything and there have been ongoing disturbances in its deposit and withdrawal procedures. There are times when the digital investment bot just disappears. It is best for users to view it as a complete scam and avoid it.

Final Thoughts

The Bitcoin Club is a scam virtual trading system which supposedly focuses on cryptocurrency exchange operations. Our trading software review concludes that it is not a reliable source of automated income and most of the users who have registered with it have only lost serious monetary sums.

There are far better digital investment tools available on the Internet. The present trading robot has a way too low success rate to be considered genuine. Its payouts are also minuscule.



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