The Bitcoin Challenge is a brand new cryptocurrency trading solution. It was allegedly established by a man named Joey who does not give in his surname. Charlie Vasquez acts as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Raul Thompson is the Head Analyst, and Jane Fernandez is the Head of Customer Support.

As much as we tried to come across more substantial facts about them, there was nothing on the Internet. Our efforts came back fruitless. There is, however, existing negative feedback from both regular users and professional investors.

All of the testimonials and trading reviews present on the official website are a scam. Our best advice to online users, for the time being, is to view the crypto robot as a dubious sham and stay as far away from it as possible.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Starting Fee
  • Software: Self-Learning Computer Algorithm
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Free Trading E-Book


  • Requires Subsequent Commission
  • Dissatisfied Trading Reviews
  • No Clarity Regarding Founding Team
  • Does Not Work with monitored Platforms
  • Established Connections with Disreputable Systems

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Creator Background & Additional Information

One of the main reasons why users cannot trust this cryptocurrency exchange system to provide peril-free trading operations is the unclear biography of the founders. There is much existing speculation and the promotional video does not help figure out the details.

The so-called Joey constantly reads user testimonials in the ad clip. Which makes is kind of hard to determine when he is speaking for himself and when – for another person. Our digital inquiry did not manage to confirm that he even exists.


One of the more disturbing facts is that the same goes for the other two founders. The photos of both Raul Thompson – the Head Analyst, and Jane Fernandez – the Head of Customer Support feature only stock images.

It is best for users to opt for a truly reliable and authentic crypto mining solutions or legit Forex robot. A good choice is the QProfit System which does not require additional fees. It also has a stable accuracy ration.

Interesting Fact:

One of the very few actual facts stated in the video for The Bitcoin Challenge System is the fact that the average Bitcoin value has been rising in a steady pattern every 11 days. This is noticeable from official market statistics which can easily be viewed on the Internet.

Required Commission Fee After First Month

Most authentic and fully legitimate crypto robots and brokers do not ask for an initial fee or cost. Users only have to make a small deposit in order to fund their account. This scrypt mining tool does the opposite.

Joey will take a concrete 5% from every account which has not surpassed a particular earnings ratio. The others can keep everything because he views them as ‘serious investors’ like himself. This does not set the grounds for solid daily results.

This is not all, as according to some recent information, this system was just re-launched under a different name – Bitcoin Revolution.

Established Ties to Dubious Crypto Robots

It is very likely that the same people that stand behind this cryptocurrency exchange instrument are also connected to the sham robot Crypto Edge System. The two crypto robots present themselves in a similar way. They offer the same conditions and tool. The first one was already determined to be a scam. It is likely that the latter will also follow its fate, thanks to the negative feedback.

Close to Nothing Legitimate!

Every concrete piece of evidence we examined about this crypto mining solution points out the fact that it is unreliable. It might even be a scam. It was not founded by a group of highly-skilled mathematicians and financial analysts.

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The more disturbing thing is that it is closely tied to a crypto robot that is an established scam. The supposedly exclusive free E-Book that it offers is nothing special. The customer support and trading platform are also nothing spectacular.

Final Crypto Words

The Bitcoin Challenge is a scam crypto robot. The only challenging thing about it is to achieve good daily results with the use of its services. The close connections with a proven scam and the existing negative reviews prove beyond a doubt that it is not worth the precious time and investments of users. There are far better trading solutions on the Internet.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin Challenge to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin Challenge is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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