Bitcoin Cash Grab – this is the name of the recently presented online crypto robot. The creator of the software remains a mystery for the public. If you open the website you will notice that it doesn’t offer much information related to the performance of the software, its specific features, and offered services.

In other words, users should register and deposit their initial investment before getting any information about the crypto trading robot. This doesn’t sound safe and it actually isn’t. The interface of the platform also looks unprofessionally made. In our review practice we have met many similar landing pages and guess what – all of them were scams.

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We know that most of you want to start generating positive results fast, but this is not the appropriate approach. You should be really careful when choosing the robot that can actually deliver you with amazing results.

Read the following paragraphs to get more details that we managed to gather. This will help you collect enough info in order to make your final decision. As of now, we advise you to .

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Automated App
  • Max Returns: Unknown
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Fully Operational
  • Doesn’t Have Special Features
  • Poor Performance
  • Unreliable Signals
  • Shady Connections

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Not Reliable Service

What is Bitcoin Cash Grap?

The people behind this crypto robot claim that Bitcoin Cash Grab is a one of a kind, automated crypto trading platform which is supposedly able to generate consistent positive results on the behalf of its members. In addition, it is said that users don’t need to have any former trading experience or proficient financial knowledge. This means that the crypto trading app should be able to provide you with a successful trading experience.

Finally, we learned that according to the anonymous creative group, their product should be able touse several difference mathematical algorithms. This supposedly helps the software to discover reliable market signals. Then, it suggests them to users, and they are expected to become successful on a short period of time.


Here, we would like to say that there is no such thing so everything you see in the video clip of the software is a lie.

Special Features of The Bitcoin Cash Group System

Here is a short list of the most basic services, offered by the crypto trading robot. Still, none of them seems to work properly.

  • 24/7 Customer Support – The customer support service is said to be responsive, professional, and fast. Unfortunately, our conducted investigation revealed that there is no customer support available, at all.
  • Over 40 Years of Experience – This sounds hilarious and we can save you the time by telling you that this “special feature” doesn’t really exist.
  • Multiple Award Wins – Allegedly, the online crypto trading robot has many awards including,. Best New Crypto Product and Best Crypto Robot. Of course, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to confirm the reliability of these awards.

Bitcoin Cash Grab – A Scam or Not?

In our honest opinion, the Bitcoin Cash Grab is a 100% scam. None of the promises you can here from the promo video are actually true. Not to mention that all the advertised results are fake. The video users’ testimonials are fake as they have been recorded by hired actors but not by real members of the software.

We also discovered that the real opinion of the people who have tried the services of the robot, is negative, too. This only proof our theory that the investment solution is not reliable and authentic.

To all of you who are still searching for a legit and professional trading system, you should check Crypto CFD Trader.

Final Words

Our conducted investigation proved that the Bitcoin Cash Grab is one of the dangerous scams that surround us in the Internet space. We want to make sure that all our followers will be provided with honest and substantial information. This is how you can save your savings, instead of losing them.



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