Bitcoin Blueprint System is a brand new cryptocurrency trading solution which is designed, created, and powered by anonymous users who does not introduce themselves in the video.

While their advice is sometimes found to be useful by the users, they are not proven to be a noteworthy cryptocurrency investors by any standard. This crypto trading system costs a hefty sum and clients can achieve more by getting started with a proven to be reliable and accurate signals.

Most of the online investors who have tested his crypto-coin system state that they have generated only minimal results and they were not impressed at all by the promoted 8x high-end investment strategies.

This crypto trading solution is not a definitive scam but it is not a reliable and fully authentic results-generating method either. Users will be better off if they choose to OR Pick A Genuine Trading Software from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: High-End Real-Time Pattern Recognition AI Software
  • Max Returns: $50-$200 Per Day
  • Min Deposit: At least $250


  • Provides Users With Altcoin Investment Tips


  • Price Tag Is Too Hefty
  • Creatora are Not Successful Cryptocurrency Investors
  • Trading Strategies Not Proven To Work
  • Most Users Do Not Become Crypto Gurus
  • Some Techniques Are Not Applicable To Real Situationss

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Not Reliable Service

What is The Bitcoin Blueprint System All About?

In the promotional video of the Bitcoin Blueprint system is stated that the team who created it has been dealing with the different cryptocurrencies for years now and knows every strategy and technique that there is to keep in mind about the online investment sphere.

Traders are promised to receive accurate signals if they sign up for the system. AI cleverly matches 8x proven investment strategies to generate high-value opportunities, called “signals”. From here on they can decide whether or not they wish to invest, leaving the decision-making process firmly in their hands. Those statements are still not proved and we advice our readers to choose another trusted trading opportunity.

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Anyone who proceeds to sign-up for his crypto trading software will do so at his or her very own risk. It is best for users to opt for an already established to be legit and authentic Bitcoin investment software like the Bitcoin Trader which gives consistent daily results.

Interesting Fact:

The blockchain is one of the most secure types of technology that exist today. Even if a small portion of the information it keeps falls into the wrong hands, the integrity of the network will be maintained, without any leakages of sensitive personal data. This is why many banking and financial institutions are beginning to develop their very own underlying ledgers.

Free of Charge But Delivers Inadequate Market Data

Bitcoin Blueprint is freely available for a limited amount of time with the purpose of avoiding flooding the market. Of course, traders will have to invest the sum of $250 in order to activate the software. There is no Money-Back Guarantee.

Since it is not determined whether one can rely on the crypto trading algorithm of the Bitcoin Blueprint, we advise all potential clients to restrain themselves from signing up for the time being. There are better alternatives before them.

This solution promises to provide you with access to:

  • 8x Proven High-End Investment Strategies;
  • Training Videos;
  • Lifetime Access;
  • Smart Trading Assets and CryptoCurrencies
  • Live Crypto Trading Streams;


Possible Online Sham With Unproven Effectiveness!

It is still unclear what the exact purpose of Bitcoin Blueprint System is. The presenter advertises it as a reliable Bitcoin investment application and virtual Crypto Trading Training Academy but most of the people that have tested its services state that the consultants do not manage to give a clear and objective view of what goes in the cryptocurrency market. It is best to stay away from it.

Bitcoin Blueprint System – Does Not Lay Out The Blueprint For Anything!

Bitcoin Blueprint System is a possible sham crypto trading solution. It is new and has time to prove to its clients that it does have the ability to give applicable Bitcoin investment signals. But judging from its average performance so far, this scenario is quite unlikely to happen. There are far better Altcoin investment solutions on the Internet and we cannot confirm the safety of the Bitcoin Blueprint.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Bitcoin Blueprint to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Bitcoin Blueprint is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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