Bitcoin Advertising System is a crypto trading robot which was launched by an unnamed group of investors. They are said to have experience in several different financial spheres – high-frequency trading, the Forex market, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The robot sounds very promising but it is still new. One of the factors which deter us from approving it as a legit trading instrument is the fact that the existing feedback is insufficient. It is said to deliver good daily results but more users need to confirm this.

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The official website states that one needs to dedicate only about 20 minutes per day in order to achieve solid earnings. Until a more satisfactory amount of trading reviews is available, it is best for users to not deposit anything. There are some odds of it being a scam.

They can either Choose a Reliable Robot from the table below OR .

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Imposition of Fees
  • Software: Cryptocurrency Trading Tool
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Award-Winning Crypto Robot
  • Operates with Regulated Platforms


  • Unclear Why It Was Awarded
  • Insufficient Trading Reviews
  • Requires the Purchase of an Unnamed Item
  • Creators are Yet to Be Determined

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Unnamed Founding Figures

It is always a bit distressing when the automated investment tool does not present more details about its creators. Users do not feel secure enough to believe that it is truly a free trading robot. While it does set some solid foundation for one to generate good earnings, more data needs to be examined.

We can not proceed to recommend it as a reliable and legit crypto mining solution until then. Still, the data they have professional experience in several different investment fields are promising. Trading reviews have been moderately positive. More feedback needs to come out in order for a clearer verdict to be issued.

A possible suggestion for online traders who looking for a trustworthy investment software is the QProfit System. Established by Jerry Douglas and his team of professional data analysts, it has earned a reputation for generating steady and consistent results.

Interesting Fact:

There is one very important tip that users, who wish to invest in the current Bitcoin value or the next best cryptocurrency to mine, must keep in mind. They should always have a stop-loss level. Most auto-pilot crypto robots offer this feature which allows them to adjust the time of exiting a trade.

Dubious Reviews & Testimonial Photos

One of the undetermined things is the origins of the trading reviews and user testimonials present on the official website. Some of them look like stock images but our ongoing investigation did not establish where they came from. This is one of the things which is stopping users from completing the free sign-up procedure.

Unnamed Item Required Purchase

Another dubious thing is the fact that investors, who have filled in their details in the registration form, are redirected to a second page. The said requires them to purchase an undisclosed item in order to proceed to their trading account. Since there is no reliable feedback, we could not learn what the product is.


Traders Better Wait for Clearer Facts!

This cryptocurrency exchange system is supposed to have a laser-accurate ability to forecast asset price movements. Its official web page states that it has won several awards for its services. The technology applied to the programming algorithm is also said to be more than cunning. Unfortunately, there is no proof to suggest that any of this is true.

The odds of Bitcoin Advertising Software being a scam or legit are 50/50. More authentic information needs to come out for us to make a truly authentic and true assessment of the matter. Until then, digital traders better opt for a truly reliable investment solution.

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Bitcoin Advertising System’s scam or legit status is still a matter of discussion and dubiosity. There are some very encouraging facts about the way it works. They, however, can not be proven until more concrete facts are released on the Internet. This might take some time. Users can opt for one of the cryptocurrency exchange solutions or Forex robots which have already been determined as completely legit.



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