Since the inception of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and ethereum, the interest for investing in this market has grown rapidly. Today, there is a large number of brokers who provide the opportunity to invest in digital currencies as well as a plethora of trading systems that claim to offer huge returns on complete auto-pilot mode.

Recently, one of the trading systems that caught our attention was BestCoinBot. We performed a thorough investigation on this software to find out whether it was a legit option or not.

Our research indicates that BestCoinBot is an unreliable trading robot. There is huge chance for traders to lose their investment capital if they opt for this software. In this review, we have highlighted some of the important facts about the software and the reasons why it is not a desirable choice for traders.

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What is BestCoinBot?

BestCoinBot claims to be an automated cryptocurrency trading robot. It appeared on the market recently and started attracting the attention of global traders with its claims. The software is accompanied with guarantees of daily returns on investments. It claims to be free for its users.

But the truth about BestCoinBot is different. It is neither a free software, nor it has the capacity to produce the expected results. Upon testing, it came out more like a simple random number generator. The signals it produces aren’t reliable, making it a risky trading tool.

Interesting Fact:

At present, there are more than 1300 cryptocurrencies in the world with a total market cap of over $589 billion. But cryptocurrencies are not accepted in all the countries. Some countries like Bolivia, Morocco and Ecuador have banned buying, selling or making payments in virtual currencies.

How Does BestCoinBot Operate?

We have seen and reviewed numerous systems in the past that exhibit the same characteristics as the BestCoinBot. So our overall impression about this software is that is an unsafe tool that has been designed to steal investment funds from its users.

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Regarding its working mechanism, not much information is provided on their official website. In fact, we don’t expect much information from them because we know this software is fraudulent and we are sure even the so-called developers may not be knowing how an authentic piece of software should actually be working.

All we see is bogus claims and promises that we know aren’t true. If the software had the capacity to generate daily returns, then traders won’t be struggling today. The truth is that their words have been carefully chosen to compel traders to complete the sign up process. Once the broker gets the deposit, the people behind this app get a commission.

So the bottom line is that BestCoinBot only works for its people, i.e. the broker, affiliate marketers and the developers. It doesn’t work for the users who invest funds into it.

Is BestCoinBot Scam Or A Genuine Software?

We have already mentioned that there is nothing genuine about the BestCoinBot trading system. Now, we will present some facts that will prove that it is a scam and not worth giving a try.

First of all, the creator is an unknown person. The creator remains completely anonymous throughout. We did our own research to find out who that person is, but we found nothing. It appears that the creator has chosen to keep his identity hidden. The only case where this happens is when the creation is fake.

Another thing is that they claim to offer demo functionalities. But the results are quite inconsistent with the real results. In demo trading, it is possible to generate vast revenue. But in reality, it is almost impossible to generate anything from the signals produced by the software. Demo trading is just a big lie and deception used by the team to compel traders to sign up.

The brokers involved with BestCoinBot are unregulated. In fact, traders will not find out who they will be dealing with until they complete registration. Traders who have already fallen prey to this scam confirm that the brokers are unlicensed and untrustworthy. They have also confirmed that once funds are added to their accounts, it is used without authorization from them which leads to their accounts getting depleted quickly.


All the evidence indicates one thing and that is BestCoinBot is a scam trading system.

Final Verdict

We don’t advice traders to sign up for a software like BestCoinBot and lose their investment capital. The software has nothing good to offer and traders will be risking not only their funds, but their personal information as well if they opt for this trading system.

BestCoinBot is linked to scam services and is definitely not the right platform for investing in cryptocurrencies.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on BestCoinBot to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if BestCoinBot is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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