The Aussie Formula which has been released as an online financial trading robot looks pretty cool on the first glance. But this software is promoted by someone called Jake Wilson who doesn’t have any online presence.

There are few testimonials we came across, but they are fabricated which suggests that the Aussie Formula could be a serious scam.

Since we had doubts regarding the legitimacy of this trading system, we carried out an in depth investigation and compiled a review based on our findings. Continue reading to learn the truth about the Aussie Formula.

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An Overview

Jake Wilson claims to have developed a formula that can help anyone attain financial freedom within the shortest time possible. He says that he never graduated from college, but he found a way to achieve immense success in the field of online trading.

The Aussie Formula is supposedly an easy to use tool which is highly profitable. Also note, that anyone can use it, regardless of experience in financial trading. He says that even a complete novice will be able to trade like a professional right from the first day by using his creation.

The average daily returns he has guaranteed is approximately $3000. According to him, his software can trade with a win-rate of 98%.

We have spent many years investigating and reviewing trading systems and honestly we haven’t come across anything like this. It will be a miracle if that kind of accuracy rates could be accomplished by a trading software. But sadly, we live in the real world where such miracles don’t happen.


Jake Wilson has made false claims, promises and guarantees. Aussie Formula isn’t a reliable trading solution because it is a duplicate of an old scam. The same software has appeared several times under different names and each time it has hit the market, it has scammed countless traders.

How Does The Software Work?

As stated by Jake Wilson, The Aussie Formula does all the trading related work on behalf of its users. So basically, when you sign up for it, you can sit back, relax and watch the profits roll in.

If you believe that such a thing can ever be possible, then you are making a big mistake. Trading over the internet is risky and if you don’t select your trades carefully, you can end up losing all of your investment funds. On top of that, you cannot trust a system to make all the decisions for you correctly because there are numerous factors that can affect the results and the outcome of a particular trade.

The Aussie Formula has not been released on the market to help you succeed. It has been launched so its promotors can fill their pockets. The software is connected with bad brokers and when you register for it, you will be asked to deposit funds in your account. If you let the software choose trades for you, you will only lose your investment capital to the broker.

This is exactly how their plan works to deceive you and trick you into giving your investment funds to these scammers.

Interesting Fact:

The Aussie Formula is a duplicate software and some of its earlier names include Brit Method, Canuck Method and Saffa Method. Coincidently, they all also had the name Jake behind their creation. Shockingly, the surnames were always different.

Aussie Formula Is a Dirty Scam

This malicious trading system has a lot of scam factors associated with it. But, we would like to begin with Jake Wilson.

We did our own research on this guy and he appears to be a fictitious character. We don’t understand why he is chosen all the time to represent the series of scam that has been flooding the markets lately. Perhaps, he looks good and has a neat personality. But, he has nothing to do with the Aussie Formula.

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The scammers operating the Aussie Formula have stolen his picture from the internet and pasted it onto their website. Basically, it is a stock image which can be used by anyone and on any product.

We noticed that their homepage is packed with so many testimonials. There are comments and posts from Twitter and Facebook as well as personal reviews of traders. However, when we tried to view the profiles, we realized that those were non-clickable links. Put simply, they are fake reviews which have been photoshopped and they don’t appear anywhere on social media sites.

There is no reason we have to trust the Aussie Formula because even the brokers they assign are notorious. They are known for stealing their clients’ funds. we found several complaints about them and the majority were related to refusal of withdrawals.


After reading this review, we hope that you have understood what kind of scam trading system the Aussie Formula is. It is not a legit option and definitely not safe to use.

You will be better off by staying away from this silly scam or opting for a solution that is proven to work.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Aussie Formula to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Aussie Formula is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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