Atlas Quantum is an online investment broker that deals with cryptocurrency trading activities. It is also known under the name Atlas Project. The platform has been allegedly developed and designed by a Brazilian entrepreneur several years ago. Furthermore, it is said that this happened just around the time when Bitcoin first began to gain its momentum.

Our further research revealed that the businessman who has created this trading solution is called Rodrigo Marques dos Santos – the infamous former Senior Consultant at the BM & FBOVESPA.

Unfortunately, we managed to confirm that there is no such person that was employed by the organization. In addition, it seems that the available feedback on the Internet proves that none of the current or former users of the crypto broker have managed to achieve the promised success and amazing results.

In the scam review that is about to follow, we are going to provide our regular readers with some objective, legitimate, and reliable information about this newly emerged cryptocurrency trading platform. Note, that in our opinion you should better and Choose A Trusted Platform from the following table.

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Who Is Rodrigo Marques dos Santos – A Real Person Or a Fake Creator?

As we mentioned above, it has been stated that the founder and CEO of the crypto investment broker solution is a former employee of ca company called BM & FBOVESPA – the largest stock exchange in Latin America. We decided to do some research in order to check the credibility of these facts. Unfortunately, it revealed that this person is 100% fake and fabricated. Additionally, there are too many people called this way. The greatest proof here is that there is no official record that can verify his position and achievements in the online trading sector.

Of course, there is a LinkedIn account available, but it cannot fool us as it is obvious that this social media profile is totally fake and unauthentic. It is most likely created just to make Mr. Santos look more real and accessible.

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Finally, we want to explain the following: If this crypto trading broker was really created by a professional and experienced investor, then he would be giving tons of interviews and appearances in public. This is why we consider this personality fake and fabricated. And this is a bad sign for the credibility of the whole trading solution.

Where Does Atlas Quantum Operate From?

Atlas Quantum app is supposed to be a legally functioning company with a creator who is a well-known name in the regulated financial sector of Latin America. This statement is not backed up by any actual facts. Yet alone that the firm does not appear in any official registers. Its authenticity cannot be proven by existing facts.

Atlas Quantum Unlicensed & Unregulated?

We tried to find any licenses or other documents that can confirm the reliability and authenticity of the crypto platform. As you imagine, we only revealed that it is not in possession of any official licenses. So, there is nothing to certify that it works properly and effectively. As a result, we think that it would not be in your best interest to sign up for it. The truth is that there are much better brokers you can rely on in this trading field.


This is why we advise you to skip dealing with Atlas Quantum but to check this platform. It has already proven to be really professional and advanced.

A Scam Alert – Atlas Quantum Is Not Reliable!

Our conducted thorough investigation just confirmed the scam status of the cryptocurrency trading solution called Atlas Quantum. This online investment platform is definitely a dangerous scam that will deprive you of the chance to start generating steady positive results. It will only take advantage of your invested deposit and disappear.

Also, the other reviews and users’ reports we found were totally negative, too. It seems that none of the promised features can work properly. Not to mention the low strike rate that will basically leave you without a single cent in your account.

Final Words

Atlas Quantum is definitely not one of the reliable trading platforms on the market. It is one of those scams that seem to be legit at first but soon enough everyone can understand that they are not able to deliver any positive results to their members. Stay away from it and opt for a proven and truly authentic solution.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Atlas Quantum to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Atlas Quantum is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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