Arab Money Machine System is an auto-pilot software which was established by a man called Daryll Graham. He also claims to be the effective CEO of the eponymous company that supposedly founded and designed the robot.

Mr. Graham states that the profit-amplifying system has an accuracy rate of exactly 99.8% and its ability to recognize successful market patterns resembles a ‘sniper’. Unfortunately, there is little truth in this claims as our research into the alleged creator proved that he is not real.

The given winning ratio is also way too far-fetched in order to be genuine. The financial market has a high volatility rate and it is impossible to predict the outcome of a trading operation with nearly 100% accuracy.

Investors should view ArabMoneyMachine System as a probable scam. It would be best for them to either OR Choose a Trusted Software from the following list. One can read why the auto-pilot robot is dubious in the review below.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Registration is Free
  • Software: Signals-Providing Solution
  • Max Returns: 99.8%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Access to Exclusive Members Area


  • Unrealistic & Made-Up Winning Rate
  • Founding Person Not Real
  • No Luxurious Prizes
  • Dissatisfying Performance
  • No Positive Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

What is Arab Money Machine System?

Daryll Graham claims that the income-generating system ensures that all trading operations are carried out through the use of Arab Money Machine Software are risk-free. He also issues statements in the promotional videos for the robot that he was once a postman who operated in Liverpool.

Tired of barely earning enough to make ends meet, he decided to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where he began working for a prominent oil company. He began accumulating vast amounts of profits and gained extensive investment knowledge on the base of which he founded the automated trading tool.


As promising as it would have been for this information to have been genuine, the said is not authentic. There is no such person such as Daryll Graham and he is not listed in any prominent oil company’s employee registers.

It is best for users to avoid utilizing the services of Arab Money Machine robot and turn to a reliable and genuine online investment tool such as the HBSwiss Forex trading system which has been receiving positive user feedback in the last couple of months.

Interesting Fact:

Arab Money Machine System allegedly achieves prosperity for users because of having heuristic logic minimizers[1] incorporated into its mathematically-based programming algorithm. Users must not be quick to trust this information as it is stolen from another Forex software.

How Does ArabMoneyMachine Software Work?

The heuristic logic minimizers that ArabMoneyMachine robot allegedly applies are a perfectly fine tool to predict future and sudden market movements[2] when applied properly. Investors must not be quick to trust this information because it is not true.

Our investigation managed to confirm that this concept is actually taken from another scam income-generating solution and is not featured in the software at hand. Arab Money Machine Software has generated only losses to online users.

Is Arab Money Machine Software a Fraudulent Scam?

While alleged creator Daryll Graham claims that the online trading tool’s success rate is almost 100%, this is not based on real facts. The founder is not real and the company which has supposedly established and designed the auto-pilot software also does not exist.

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Users complain that the robot has lost their deposits and investments and the majority of them have lost almost all deposits and investments made with the use of ArabMoneyMachine System. The only positive feature that it has is the Members Zone but there has been no proof that anyone has actually managed to win a prize or contest. The software is a devious scam.

Final Thoughts

Arab Money Machine robot is proven to be a scam. Its success rate is not the one that is stated and the auto-pilot system does not have the ability to accurately predict possible shifts in asset price directions. This is why it is best to turn to an actually working income-generating solution. The one at hand will generate nothing but disappointment.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Arab Money Machine to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Arab Money Machine is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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