Agora Financial System is a trading software which was allegedly designed and established by an alleged Financial Visionary and author Addison Wiggin and the people from his crew. The company behind the trading solution employs data analysts of all jacks and advertises itself as issuing ‘world-class’ publications.

The said are supposed to provide users with useful tips and advice as to how one can carry out favorable market fluctuation predictions. But the only sectors that the team pays attention to is the precious metals and the stocks and bonds one. It does not pay any attention to other spheres.

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Even though there is some information available on the web about the so-called founding team and they did turn out to be authentic, we cannot confirm with absolute certainty that they do not have shady professional and personal backgrounds.

The issued trading reviews and user feedback are also far from exhaustive. It is impossible to determine whether this financial solution is a scam or legit for the time being. This is why users better chose to either Proceed to Safety OR Pick a Reliable Robot from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Both Free & Paid Accounts
  • Software: Financial Advice & Guidance Solution
  • Max Returns: Unknown
  • Min Deposit: Depends On Package


  • Offers Free Trading Advice


  • Does Not Actually Invest Anywhere
  • Operates Only On A Handful Of Markets
  • Has Paid Accounts
  • Founders Might Come From Shady Backgrounds
  • No Authentic Trading Opportunities

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Not Reliable Service

Agora Financial Creators

The main people behind this financial data analysis company are Jim Rickards – a Geoeconomic Strategist, Ray Blanco – a Cutting-Edge Technology Expert, Zach Scheidt – an Income and Retirement Adviser, and Addison Wiggin – a Financial Visionary. Their professional biographies do sound impressive but these people are more of theorists and they appear to have had little practical experience with the trading markets.

None of them, for example, have dealt with cryptocurrencies which are a vital part of today’s economic reality. Their financial advice portal is mainly focused on providing useful tips and advice, as well as compiling articles, rather than present the user with plausible opportunities to generate favorable daily results.

There are many people, of course, who prefer to engage in this type of investments – following the news and recent events. But there are also those who just need a trustworthy trading software that can allow them to implement any strategy that they like.

This is why it is best to get started with a truly authentic and legit crypto trading solution, like the Crypto Code System. It is fully compliant with the requirements of most clients and partners only with other trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange apps. The daily results that it gives are consistent.

Did You Know?

The precious metals market that Agora Financial System mainly operates in handles all naturally-occurring chemical elements that are considered to be quite rare. Their economic value is usually very high and they have managed to hold strong value positions in nearly all of humanity’s existence, even before there were physical exchanges. People have been trading gold, silver, and diamonds for thousands of years.

Some Accounts Are Paid, Others Are Free

While most authentic trading solutions grant their clients free access for opening an investment account and the utilization of the applied educational materials, this one offers costless and paid memberships. The official website does not explain the difference between the two. It is only partially implied that the latter lets one read the entire library of tips, analyses, and informative articles.

Not Actually a Trading Software!

Our exhaustive examination of this financial solution revealed that it has nothing to do with actual investments. Anyone who sign-ups, expecting to be presented with trading opportunities, is going to be disappointed. This is simply a market review portal which has a keen focus on the stocks and bonds and precious metals sectors. Its analysis is genuine but there is nothing for people who wish to place their funds and achieve actual results.


Agora Financial is Possible Investment Scam Ahead!

Agora Financial System’s scam or legit status remains undetermined. It does not operate on the actual investment markets, the economic analysis portal only offers overviews of the current situation in the precious metals and stocks and bonds trading sectors. There are paid accounts and practically no additional special features. It is best to get started with a financial solution that actually presents one with plausible trading choices!

Agora Financial System – Better Alternatives Out There!

Agora Financial System is a possible scam trading solution. It offers close to no actual investment possibilities. The economic review website provides useful information but nothing more. Experienced investors might be very disappointed with what they come across. There are far better alternatives on the web. It would be a wiser choice to sign-up for one of them.



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