30K Challenge System is an automated trading system which was allegedly established by a man called Joey Altair. One of the peculiar things about him is that in the promotional video for the robot, he claims to have worked for Barclays.

Our exhaustive research into the matter has revealed that this is quite far from the truth. There is no person going under the name of Mr. Altair that has worked for the trading giant. He does not even show up in the promotional video, users just get to hear a robotic voice.

All of the user testimonials that are presented in the advertising clip are also from paid actors. 30K Bot Software’s alleged signals accuracy rate of 99.3% is also highly unrealistic. There is no legit investment system that can predict market shifts with an almost 100% success ratio.

Our best suggestion to online traders would be for them to regard 30KChallenge System as a probable scam. They can either or Choose a Genuine Software from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free for 25 More Users
  • Software: Mathematically-Based Software
  • Max Returns: 99.3%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Free Registration


  • Founder Is Non-Existent
  • Unrealistic Signals Accuracy Rate
  • Requires Specific Attention
  • Not Based On Fibonacci Sequence
  • No Personal Invitation

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Not Reliable Service

What is 30DayChallenge System?

Joey Altair is a man who states that he was a prominent trader at Barclays. He supposedly handled the portfolios of the world’s wealthiest investors, ensuring that their capitals were completely risk-free. This might sound promising at first, especially when he reimburses it later on in the promotional video, stating that 30 Day Challenge System is actually based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Users must not be quick to trust any of the above-stated information. Existing feedback and commentary from professionals and trading experts go on to confirm that such a person does not exist in real life. The 30KBot Software is also not capable of predicting future market movements with the stated accuracy rate of 99.3%


We would advise anyone, who was considering to complete the auto-pilot robot’s free sign up procedure, to opt for a proven to be authentic and legit Forex trading system like HBSwiss Software by Hans Berger. It introduces one to the unique and revolutionary Swiss Trading Technology.

Interesting Fact:

This is not the only online investment system that claims to have the Fibonacci sequence[1] embedded into its programming algorithm. Lots of people who have established trading robots actually state this. Some of them even actually do operate according to this sophisticated principle.

How Does 30K Bot Software Operate?

This automated investment tool has supposedly managed to accumulate a stable $30,000 every month to more than 1,000 up to this point. Even if one does not manage to achieve such solid annual trading results, he is entitled to $1,000 compensation that is transferred to his bank account from the personal one of Mr. Altair.

All of this allegedly takes no longer than 30 minutes of attention and time per day because of the Fibonacci sequence that the programming algorithm is based on. 30DayChallenge Software now supposedly makes room for 25 new members.

Our investigation into it managed to confirm that none of this is true as the creator does not exist, the computer codes of the robot are basic Algo-trading[2] ones, and the free sign up is available to anyone to wishes to proceed.

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Is 30K Challenge System a Scam or Reliable?

Based on all of the indisputable evidence we managed to come across, we declare 30KChallenge Software to be a fraudulent scam. It is even most likely a part of the Forex and CFDs trading industry and the people behind it have close ties to some rather devious people from the investment underground.

Nothing about this signals-generating system is authentic, especially not the suggested winning ratio of 99.3%. Due to the market’s high volatility rate, there is no robot that can actually achieve this. It is best to avoid 30DayChallnge System.

Final Thoughts

30K Challenge System does try to captivate the attention of online users with its far-fetched promises of $30,000 in earning every month and an extremely high success rate. Our research into the investment tool, however, revealed that nothing about it is authentic and it is best for traders to get started with a truly proven to be a legit robot. There are far better and much more authentic ones on the Internet.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on 30-Day Challenge to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if 30-Day Challenge is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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