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BrokerZero Lost Formula
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Overall Score1.8/10

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The current review will focus on a new income-generating system called Zero Loss Formula. It was founded by Peter Morgan and is now accepting Beta-testers. Starting off pretty good, it began attracting a considerable number of users who were lured in by the dubious promises that the Forex robot will generate them from $50,000 up to $200,000 per month.

Customers appeared to be content with Zero Loss Formula Software’s performance during the first couple of weeks, but then the computer algorithm began analyzing information inaccurately. Thus, it placed losing trades and was not able to counter their negative effect.

So, as of the present moment and based on a thorough investigation into the Forex system, we regard it as a devious online solution. There is even a fair chance that it might be scam. The following review examines in detail all the reasons why it can not be trusted.

zero loss formula

What is Zero Loss Formula Software?

This Forex automated system was developed by a man called Peter Morgan and his team from the Zero Loss Holding company. The creator was a successful financier and investor at a Wall Street firm before getting tired of working ‘for the man’ and retiring from his position along with some of the best experts from the company.

Together, they supposedly decided to invest in their future and began work on the Forex software’s computer codes whose development took several years. Peter Morgan claims that Zero Loss Formula is available for free to a limited number of users in order for it to gain enough popularity to be released for Initial Public Offering in the near future.

However, our investigation was able to find out that this is most likely a marketing tactic used to draw in more unsuspecting traders. The Forex robot does in fact feature some kind of programming algorithm, but it can most certainly not accumulate $50,000-$200,000 per month, because no software is capable of this.

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How Does the ZLF System Work?

As we have already mentioned, this profit-amplifying solution is algorithm-based. The computer codes for ZeroLossFormula System were supposedly in development for 10 years and underwent years of trials.

The Forex auto-pilot software is available free-of-charge. The only thing that Peter Morgan asks from users is that they send him a copy of their trading statements after they have used ZLF for 6 months. Keep in mind, however, that its scam or legit status has not been confirmed as of yet and there is a chance of it being shammy.

Is it a Scam or Completely Reliable?

From what we were able to collect about Zero Loss Formula, we can state that it does not provide fine trading opportunities to online users.

It was allegedly released for a 1st round of Beta-testing in 2012. However, the platform itself was originally developed by a team of experts working with Peter Morgan in 2002 in a previous firm. Based on their very own words, the establishment of the Forex system took several years and lots of ‘coding and tweaking’. If ZLF Software has well-designed computer codes at present, then why do they still need Beta-testers?

Judging from users’ feedback the team did not manage to do a solid job. Online traders have been generally dissatisfied with the way this Forex automated robot solution operates. The so-called ‘lucky few’ who have secured a place among the 2nd group of Beta-testers have issued not very positive comments. The profit withdrawal procedure is supposed to be expedited, but there are testimonials to prove this.

Did You Know?

The name of the Forex automated system is derived from the analytical method its algorithm supposedly applies. It is referred to as the No Loss Formula. Like many others, it takes forward the fact that people tend to react in similar ways to one and the same patterns.

The System as Created by Peter Morgan

Unfortunately, information about the creator of this Forex investment software can not be easily accessed on the Internet. Peter Morgan claims to have worked for a high-end trading company on Wall Street a couple of years back. In 2002, the very 1st version of Zero Loss Formula was designed. At that moment, Mr. Morgan was still employed at the said firm.

Achieving great financial success, he was tired of working with the sharks. He left Wall Street, taking some of the most skilled employees along with him. Together they continued developing and upgrading the software. Then, in 2012 the 1st version of Zero Loss Formula was released to a limited number of Beta-testers.

The present version can supposedly generate between $200 and $800 of guaranteed earnings even to online investors who have placed just a $250 minimum deposit. This is why, Peter Morgan will make the Forex automated software paid in the future. Only users who are willing to place a $10,000,000 initial investment will be allowed to use the system.


Zero Loss Formula Special Features

This Forex automated solution has some allegedly ‘unique’ features. You can find out more about them as follows:

  • Compound Wins

Basically, this characteristic guarantees online traders that the higher monetary amount they place as an initial deposit – the bigger profits they will accumulate. Keep in mind, that people do not think fondly of this feature

  • Customer Support

Only available via email and not very reliable.

  • WithdrawalsRequests are supposedly processed within the day, but this is not always so.

Final Thoughts

Zero Loss Formula is a dubious and unreliable Forex system. Feedback from online traders has not been all that great. Opposing what its name suggests, there is a chance of losing your earnings when executing financial operations with the income-generating solution. Therefore, we can not recommend it for safe and secure trading at the present moment.


t10demo_high_risk_stampThere are far better Forex auto-pilot systems available on the Internet. It would be best for users to sign up with a proven to be trustworthy, genuine and legit one. Zero Loss Formula did not manage to comply with the legitimacy standards set by the online trading community. All in all, it did not deliver the promised and it would be best to avoid it.