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BrokerTraders Buddy
Official Website URLwww.TradersBuddy.com
Support TypesContact Form, E-mail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit/Debit Cards, Bank Wire, Neteller
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score8.6/10

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Traders Buddy System is brand new binary options platform which was not only founded by several quite experienced investors but also provides everyday users with the unique possibility to make the best use of sophisticated trading tools, several modes of operation as well as an unprecedented Education Center and knowledgeable customer support.

The most peculiar thing about TradersBuddy Software is that it successfully applies 3 algorithms – one that can successfully predict short-term asset price movements, one that is intended for mid-term ones and one for long.


Another great feature is the presented opportunity to carry out the most profitable social trading in the industry. Users are allowed to choose whether they wish to follow one or a couple of the top-rated investors on the platform.

The said are actually voted by the users themselves who can decide whether to give someone a good or bad rating, depending on the results they have achieved mirroring his financial operations.

Our investigation managed to establish that Trader’s Buddy System is an authentic and 100% legit binary options robot and online investors can safely proceed to open account with it. More details about it are presented in the following exhaustive binary options review.

How Does TradersBuddy System Work?

As mentioned above, this binary options robot implements not one, but 3 different algorithms. Investors can decide for themselves which one do they wish to receive signals from – the long-, mid- or short-term one.

Long-term options are best intended for people who prefer to invest wisely, read a lot of charts and then make an educated asset price prediction. Their maximum expiry time is 3 days. Mid-term ones last up to 4 hours and can be placed a couple of times per day.

Short-term options’ longest expiry time is 120 seconds and they are also known as Rush Options. Users who like to indulge in more risk-filled transactions can successfully take advantage of them.

Interesting Fact:

TradersBuddy Software’s semi-automatic mode has the ability to notify users of impeding market trends by taking into account asset price history and fluctuations. It can also suggest the best possible risk-free trades. The social trading mode presents investors with the possibility to mimic some of the high-acting and achieving trading experts’ very own fruitful operations.

No Download Required

Users who might fear that they will be wasting precious time because they have had a negative experience with a scam binary options robot in the past should stop doing so. Trader’s Buddy Software will not ask anyone to make additional downloading or installing of the system, nor its updates.

It will also work successfully on any given device type and there is the Traders Buddy app for those who prefer to invest on the go.


How to Get Started with Traders Buddy System?

Since TradersBuddy System is basically a Peer 2 Peer Trading Network that directly establishes a connection between the most experienced investment experts and the end user. This makes signing up with it extremely easy and hassle-free.

It also has a visually stunning, but incredibly simple to understand, set up and navigate through the user interface and graphic design. Operating with Trader’s Buddy Software is engaging and interactive in many different ways – from the smooth investment process to the comprehensive and encyclopedic-like virtual Education Center.

Users have to fill out a short form in order to secure one of the free available daily spots. They should hurry up as the Beta-tester accounts are limited to 500, after which registration will be closed and the TradersBuddy System will become paid.

One can sign up by entering a couple of basic details. He will then receive a confirmation link in his private inbox which will take him to a designated binary options broker’s page. Users don’t have to worry about them as this automated trading platform has connections only with brokerages that are under the supervision of CySEC and MiFID.

Investors can just follow these simple steps in order to secure one of the limited free spots:

  1. Free Registration
  2. Make Initial Deposit
  3. Trade & Profit

Trader’s Buddy System Expected Returns

Individual results may vary based on every user’s previous trading experience. But everyone can expect solid payouts of at least $1,500 daily and this is a minimum amount which even novices would not have troubles achieving. Everyone is entitled to achieving prosperity with the TradersBuddy robot.


TradersBuddy Software General Price

The creators of this binary options software have made 500 spots available for free for the first Beta-testers that manage to sign up. After this happens, registration will become paid. One does not have to make any kind of monetary investments apart from the initial $250 which are an industry standards and can be withdrawn at any time.

Is TradersBuddy System Legit or Fraudulent?

All information that we were able to come across this automated trading tool confirmed that it is quite sophisticated and completely legit. There is no other income-generating robot that manages to successfully implement 3 different algorithms at the same time.

Traders Buddy Software also presents users with the best possible trading suggestions, safety and security of the invested funds, and numerous opportunities in which they can carry out prosperous social trading.

Another added bonus is its excellent customer care service and the fact that it operates only with regulated binary options brokers.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

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TradersBuddy Customer Care Service

This automated investment solution has top-rate customer care service. All of its staff members undergo specific training so that they are able to address all kinds of needs and matters that concern online users. One can reach them by sending an email, calling the support line or via the live chat made available on the official website.

User Testimonials

atilo“Traders Buddy System is one of the best binary options systems that I have ever tested! I began accumulating about $8,500 per week with no prior investment experience. I managed to pay off my mortgage, my car loan and now work only from the comfort of my home and on projects that I personally find interesting. You can also achieve this too!”

Atilio Serafim, 43, Sintra, Portugal

lula“This is one of the most amazing pieces of automated trading software I have ever tested. I first started investing binary options 2-3 years ago and I have also fallen upon many scam systems that circulate around the Internet, thus losing lots of funds. This is why I have learned to choose my robots with great care and attention.

TradersBuddy Software is nothing like them. It is sophisticated and legit and you can fully rely on it to generate good daily earnings even when you are not in front of the computer!”

– Luule Parn, 37, Rakvere, Estonia


TradersBuddy System is an auto-pilot software that does not require users to carry out any additional downloading or be in possession of complex trading skills. It has features that are unique to the software like the risk-adjustment one, the 3 trading modes, and its algorithm was developed over the course of an extended period of time in order to be as efficient as possible. It can meet and address the needs of both sophisticated and newcomer investors as well as successfully secure their deposits and earnings.