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BrokerTesler App
Official Website URLwww.tesler.co
Support TypesChat, Email
Minimum 1st Deposit$200
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, GiroPay, POLO, Skrill Moneybookers
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score7.9/10

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Tesler App is a Forex robot that was established a couple of months ago by Steven Abrahams. He is also the CEO of the company behind the software and a prominent investor and financier.

One of the most fascinating things about the profit-amplifying solution is that it can accumulate up to $5,700 per day to professional traders. Users should keep in mind that if they want to seize the opportunity they should hurry up to do so as the available number of free daily spots are limited.

tesler app software

We did our best to determine how exactly does the TeslerApp actually work and it came as no surprise that it operates on a highly sophisticated principle – the Lead Pattern. Steven Abrahams is so proud of his creation that he plans on patenting it pretty soon.

All available information suggests that this is a sophisticated Forex trading system which can be put to profitable use by both novice and skilled investors. Read the following exhaustive review in order to learn how.

How Does Tesler App Operate?

Steven Abrahams was nicknamed Mr. Midas by his investor colleagues because of his ability to turn almost any trading operation into a fruitful and successful one. His primary motivation to establish the Forex software was to give regular people a chance to be financially independent.

After years of hard work, Mr. Abrahams managed to formulate a scientific principle by which to accurately analyze ongoing market trends. He decided to call it the Lead Principle because of its progressive concept and the prosperity it is capable of achieving even to complete newcomers.

Interesting Fact:

The Lead Pattern that the TeslerApp Software has implemented as a main driving force for the programming algorithm takes into account particular trends, conditions and events that made a certain trade have a positive outcome. It does so several seconds before the said financial operation is completed and begins to scout the market for similar opportunities. It places an investment only when 93% sure that it is going to be successful.

No Necessary Download

Most users would be satisfied to learn that TeslerApp System does not require any additional downloading of software. All updates are carried out automatically in one’s web browser without view of its kind. It will also work without a problem on any given device type as it is 100% web-based.

How to Sign Up with TeslerApp Software?

There is nothing complicated about getting started with TeslerApp Forex robot. One has to simply fill out a registration form with his best details and wait for a confirmation link to be sent into his private inbox.

Users do not have to worry about anything as the Forex investment brokers that the income-generating solution works in close partnership with are fully regulated by CySEC and highly regarded as legit by the online trading community.

There have been no reported deposit or withdrawal troubles. One can apply for the latter by filling out a request form and sending it for approval along with a copy of a personal ID document to his assigned brokerage. Transfer of the earnings should take no longer than 3 to 5 business days.

Here follows a short version of how to complete the TeslerApp sign up:

1. Sign Up Free

2. Make Initial Deposit

3. Trade & Win

TeslerApp System Expected Returns

The best thing about TeslerApp Forex software is that it places a limited number of 12 trades per day. This is the so-called Tesler technique from which the name of the automated trading system is actually derived.

According to user feedback, it is estimated that the profit-amplifying solution will only lose 1 out of every 98 financial operations it carries out.


TeslerApp Software Average Cost

Tesler App does not require traders to make any kind of sky-high deposits. The minimum amount of the starting deposit is the industry standard of $250. One should know that the higher it is – the more do the chances for success increase. The highest possible investment users can make per trade is $85.

Is Tesler App Software a Scam or Legit?

From what we were able to come across as verifiable information about this Forex robot, we can safely say that it is a reliable and legit one and not belonging to the scam category. Its creator – Steven Abrahams is a real person who happens to be a prominent and well-respected investor.

He managed to establish a trustworthy fundamental by which to accurately predict the movement of a particular asset’s price – the Lead Principle. The Tesler App Forex system’s success rate can often exceed the expected 93%.

Review Verdict: Tesler App is Not a Scam
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This is why we can safely recommend it to all of our users. Anyone who intends to get started with the income-generating solution should hurry up and commence to do so because there is a limit to the available free spots per day.

Tesler App System Customer Support Service

This Forex software provides an excellent and extremely friendly customer support service. It will soon be made available in several different languages apart from English so that it can satisfy and meet the needs of customer from all around the world.

For the time being one can get a hold of them 24/7 via live chat, email and telephone. The first mean is recommended to people who have pending needs or questions.

User Testimonials

Gustaw“I have never come across a Forex trading software that is as efficient as the Tesler App. My God, does it really have the ability to generate profits quick! I was on the verge of going bankrupt when I signed up with it, but it managed to turn my life around for the better. Try it and it will do the same for you too!”

Gustaw Filipek, 41, Poland

serafina“It is very hard to be a middle-aged single mom of two. I deviated from one dead end street to the other searching for means by which to grant a better future for my children. A close friend of mine got started with TeslerApp and started making solid daily earnings. I decided to give it a try too. Guess what? Now, I don’t think about getting a job anymore – I have everything I need in order to provide a fulfilling life for me and my girls and even put something aside for their college funds.”

Serafina Baglio, 37, Italy


Tesler App is one of the top Forex systems that are currently available on the market. It is based on a sophisticated investment principle that manages to make the software’s algorithm run smoothly and issue accurate forecasts about price movements. The automated trading robot is fully reliable and users can proceed to sign up with it in a safe and secure manner.