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Broker10 Fold
Official Website URLwww.10foldfinance.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets50+
Overall Score8.7/10

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10foldGiven the fact how diverse and constantly changing the financial market is, people who want to deal with Forex online trading have to put a lot of effort in order to find just the right income-generating platform. It is a commonly well known fact that the recent technological developments have made it possible for both reliable and scams auto-trading solutions to flood the market and try gathering audience. As a result, online traders often happen to go through some hard time in their attempts to make the crucial difference between legit and scam Forex platforms. So, in this line of thinking there is a new member to the Forex trading market and its name is 10Fold Finance System.

Its creator is called Kyle Jenkins. He claims to actually have managed to crack the success code and now he wants to share it with the rest of the world. But is this really the truth? Can this particular profit amplifying system really earn significant and regular profits to online investors? Or is it just the next big lie and fraud? Read to the bottom line of the following review and you will receive the whole information.

Review Verdict: 10Fold Finance is NOT a Scam

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TenFoldFinance Software – Scam or Legit Robot?

Thankfully, there is much information available about the Forex online trading system. We conducted our regular thorough research on the creator of the product Kyle Jenkins in order to find more relevant information about him. It turns out that he is an actual person, with valid and operating social media profiles.


Another good sign for this software’s legitimacy is the fact that the stated winning ratio of the auto-trading platform is 77% which means that it is absolutely able to generate significant profits to the people who use it as an income-increasing trading tool.

Also, considering all the available feedback in the Internet space, it seems like TenFold Finance really did generate a combined $4 billion to all the traders that are using it. This, however, is not the main case here. This online trading Forex system has many positive features as it also provides exceptional customer service support. Therefore, we are happy to announce that our final verdict on the software is going to be absolutely positive. We believe, that this automated robot is 100 % so traders should definitely opt for it.

Review Verdict: 10Fold Finance is NOT a Scam

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How Does TenFold Finance Robot – Operational Process Explained

tenfold-softwareKyle Jenkins being a creator and main presenter of his trading Forex product manages to provide people with enough substantial information as to how exactly the auto-trading platform actually works. We were capable to establish for a fact that it utilizes the so-called FTAC, or Functional Trade Assets Calculator, as a base for its programming algorithm. It means that the system combines an existing computer network infrastructure with prompt software.

In addition, the whole analyzing process is based on existing trading history. This is the way in which it makes trades on the behalf of traders. However, if the investor wants, they can place their own trades by using the manual trading mode of the software.

TenFold Finance System & Kyle Jenkins

During the promo clip of this new online trading Forex system, its founder and creator, Mr. Jenkins, gives more details about his personal experience and former occupation. However, based on his own choice not to reveal his whole story to the audience, the only thing he considers important to let people know about him is that once he was stuck in a dead end 9 to 5 job. It seems like the lack of satisfaction was what made him decide to change his life for the better.

So, in order to start his trading system’s developing journey, Kyle Jenkins admits to have tested some different trading plans and calculating algorithms and finally chose one of them, which was the best. After that, he hired some really proficient and experienced computer programmers with the help of whom he invented and developed the profits generating robot that is now known as the 10FoldFinance robot. The same platform that is capable of winning 7 out of every 10 trades.

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How to Start Trading With 10FoldFinance?

The one thing that should be mentioned here is the fact that this online trading Forex system generally pays focus on dealing with commodities and futures. In addition, it is not hard to get started with 10 Fold Finance at all. This process only requires from people to sign-up by filling in some information about themselves. Traders then will be reached by online trading broker who will guide them all the way through.


To sum it up, we actually managed to verify that creator Kyle Jenkins is an actual person. Also, there is enough available information about the Forex trading online system. This is why we can definitely classify it as legit trading solution. We recommend it to traders because we know that it would be better for them to stop hesitating and to sign up with the robot right away.