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BrokerSnap Cash Binary
Official Website URLwww.SnapCashBinary.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets50+
Overall Score8.8/10

Full Review

snapcash-binary Given the amount of trading systems available in the industry, it is only natural that some of the good ones would get lost among the scams. That is why we follow closely the release of Forex trading software such as the SnapCash Binary by Austin Ford in an effort to inform you of its qualities and capabilities.

SnapCash Binary is a one-click-autotrader that was just introduced to the Forex community. It works on complete autopilot but you can also operate with it manually.

SnapCashBinary offers you the opportunity to generate stable additional income on a daily basis and its results have already been verified.

Even though the auto-trading system was only just released to the public, it is already attracting a lot of interest on part of the investors. This is due to its obvious profitability and ease of use. Our testing team readily confirms that SnapCashBinary is capable of achieving satisfying results and can compete as equal with the biggest and most reputable trading robots in the Forex industry.

Review Verdict: SnapCash Binary is NOT a Scam

SnapCash Binary Website

How To Use The Software?

SnapCash Binary is an easy to use one-click automated trader. After you have successfully set up your account, all you have to do is click on the ON button for activating the Auto Trading mode.

If you wish to apply full control on what the software is going to do, you can take two courses of action:

  • Trade Manually – this mode is suggested to more experienced users since you will be making autonomous decisions based on the movements made by the asset’s price.
  • Customize the Settings – as with every legitimate trading system available, when using the SnapCash Binary you can choose the risk level you prefer, the number of trades to be executed and the amount to be invested per trade. You can do all this before starting the Autopilot and the software will run accordingly.

The above-mentioned preferences can be changed at any moment. SnapCashBinary will stop trading the moment you deactivate the autopilot or it reaches the maximum trades you have specified you want executed in one trading session.


No Download Required

SnapCashBinary is entirely web-base and you will not have to download any piece of software on your desktop or mobile device. You can trade from the comfort of your home or on-the-go at all times that trading markets are open.

How To Get Stated?

Joining the SnapCash Binary is easy and completely free of charge.

The one important thing on which found and creator Austin Ford emphasizes is that in order to start trading you have to deposit an initial required amount of $250. This is the accepted minimum by the brokers with which Snap Cash Binary is compatible with. They are special selection that can provide you with additional opportunities when trading online, including offering different bonuses and client benefits.

Here are the summarized steps of joining the SnapCash Binary trading software:

  • Get a Free License for the System
  • Deposit a Minimum of $250 with Preferred Broker
  • Activate the Autopilot with a Push of a Button.



Despite SnapCash Binary being a very new addition to the tools of online investments, it has already shown significant results. Clients report success ratios between 80% and 90%. The size of your returns depends on the risk you are willing to take – higher risks will bring higher returns but will lower the success ratio. On the other hand, if you choose the lowest risk settings, the winning rates will go even higher but the returns will diminish accordingly.



Review Verdict: SnapCash Binary is NOT a Scam

SnapCash Binary Website


As we mentioned, the license for SnapCash Binary is available for free. Mr. Ford and his team have managed to keep it that way because their profits come from elsewhere. They get a commission from the brokers they work with for every referred trader.

Austin Ford’s SnapCashBinary – Is It Scam?

Mr. Ford is a self-taught coder who began his way to creating the SnapCash Binary software as a project for the creation of a platform for personal investments. He has created something that is as easy to use as the famous Snapchat. The automated trading system has already managed to generate significant profits for inexperienced traders with a simple push of a button.

Our team could not find any scam signs about the SnapCash trading software. The investigation we undertook concludes with a verdict that SnapCashBinary is not a scam but a legit Forex robot. What made us a very good impression is that Mr. Ford makes it crystal clear that traders will have to deposit an initial amount to start trading. Most scammers hide that fact and a lot of investors are left surprised when proceeding with their registration. This shows us that Austin Ford and SnapCashBinary are all about transparency and honesty, and this is a trading robot you can trust.%MCEPASTEBIN%


Customer Support Service

SnapCash Binary offers constant customer service. It is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, even if you are not currently trading. You can reach the support team at any time of the day via e-mail or live chat on the platform.

Users’ Testimonials

joiceI was honestly impressed with the presentation of SnapCash Binary. Started trading only recently – it is so easy and intuitive! Even though I have almost no experience with Forex trading, I find SnapCashBinary to be a very simple, yet effective tool. I even place trades manually sometimes to test the accuracy of the software and its suggested trades! My confidence is growing by the minute thanks to this reliable trading tool!

Joice, Westport, USA


During our extensive research, we found enough evidence to conclude that the SnapCashBinary system is reliable and legitimate. It offers very good opportunities to generate significant additional income online. The brokers it will connect with are some of the most reputable in the industry. SnapCash Binary comes for free and the quality you will get for that, both in terms of the trading experience and the provided services, is very good.