Simple Auto Trading is an online investment tool that was released a couple of months ago. Established by a group of sophisticated software engineers and Wall Street experts, it is… more

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BrokerSimple Auto Trading
Official Website URLwww.SimpleAutoTrading.com
Support TypesEmail, Phone
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Account TypesVISA, Master Card, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, AliPay, Diners Club
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score8.6/10

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Simple Auto Trading is an online investment tool that was released a couple of months ago. Established by a group of sophisticated software engineers and Wall Street experts, it is quickly rising to be one of the most complex and highly profitable systems in recent times.

The average winning rate that it is capable of achieving is 94% which is a reliable and authentic ratio. It allows users to apply all six technical indicators as well as fundamental analysis and different trading types.

A promising factor about it is that its founding team has nothing to do with the ones who have designed binary options scam robots. This is why we can safely advise users to proceed and get started with it for free.

SimpleAutoTrading System is a legit and genuine auto-pilot software. It operates only with broker platforms that are subject to constant regulation on part of CySEC and MiFID. Not only this but the robot offers some of the best conditions to carry out online investments.

How to Operate with SimpleAutoTrading System?

There is nothing more smooth than accumulating solid daily profits with this trading system. Its auto-pilot can generate earnings that often exceed $1,500 daily. As mentioned in the paragraphs above, its average winning ratio is 94%. Users are allowed to implement all six main indicators according to their exact wishes, even if this means applying each and every one of them at the same time.

They can also choose between three separate MMS – Classic (the most secure way to acquire favorable results), Martingale (increases the risks but one can profit faster), and Fibonacci (the most precise one, requires good investment skills and adjusts the trade size on the base of the signal results).

Interesting Fact:

SimpleAutoTrading Software features all three of the main MMS which also includes the Classic System. It is best intended for appliance by newcomers who still need some time to practice and train their trading abilities. The most basic way to define is that one can always increase or decrease the trading amount.

No Download Required

One of the things which users like the most about SimpleAutoTrading robot is the fact that it operates with a multitude of different browsers. It will also work on any given device. Those who prefer to trade on the run can make the best use of the wonderful mobile app which is made available.

How to Get Started with Simple Auto Trading?

The name of the auto-pilot robot basically describes how easy it is to sign up for it. Many users have made Simple Auto Trading Software their investment tool of choice because of the simplistic way in which it manages to generate sufficient daily earnings of more than $1,500.

Traders can register for free by just entering a couple of their most basic details into the sign-up form. They will then receive a confirmation letter and will get linked to a trusted broker platform which they have to open accounts.

All of the ones that Simple Auto Trading robot works with have been carefully selected in order to ensure a satisfactory and profitable experience to online users. They are subject to constant monitoring on part of the respective authorities and are well-accepted in the investment community.

In short, one can get started with the online trading bot like this:

  1. Register Free
  2. Make Starting Deposit
  3. Trade & Win

Simple Auto Trading System Average Payouts

Most people who have completed the free sign up process of the online investment software can expect to generate daily profits with an average of up to 94% winning ratio without even being in possession of sophisticated trading skills or knowledge. Once one gets used to the system, he will have no trouble generating more than $1,5000.

Simple Auto Trading Software Expected Cost

Users will be most satisfied by the fact that Simple Auto Trading System does not have an entrance fee. Applying the investment software is absolutely free. This is one of the main reasons why it is a preferred option for the successful carrying out of virtual financial operations.

Is Simple Auto Trading Robot Legit or Fraudulent?

All existing evidence points to the fact that Simple Auto Trading is a legit and reliable investment software. It offers free sign up and works with the best available broker platforms. One more thing that reassured us that it is authentic is the fact that it abides some of the strictest SSL standards.

Users can safely proceed to get started with it because it is one of the top available choices for the time being. They are also provided with the ability to get used to the way Simple Auto Trading bot works because it has an excellent auto-pilot mode.

Review Verdict: Simple Auto Trading is Not a Scam

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Simple Auto Trading Bot Customer Care

Our research into existing user feedback confirmed that this online trading software has an amazing customer support team. It undergoes specific training and is regularly tested in order to make sure that users are provided with prime services and quality care.

User Testimonials

“Simple Auto Trading System is one of the most sophisticated investment robots that I have ever tried. It has a wonderful algorithm which can calculate future market movements with extreme accuracy.

I am currently earning well above the promised $1,500 daily.”

Sabrine Breiner, 43, Germany

“One of the best auto-pilot robots that I have ever had an account with! I was a complete beginner at first and knew very little of how investments are conducted.

On the very first day of trading with it, SimpleAutoTrading Software generated me well about $1,000 and this sum began to gradually increase with each passing day.”

Chante Bouchard, 48, France


Simple Auto Trading is a legit and trustworthy trading tool. One does not have to have any prior investment experience in order to begin operating with it. This is why we can safely recommend it for a free sign up to anyone who wishes to achieve successful results and good daily profits. The ones that do follow our advice can expect more than favorable returns.