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Official Website URLwww.PrizmTech.co
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Wire Transfer, Skrill
Number of Assets40+
Overall Score8.8/10

Full Review

The newly arrived Forex auto-trading system, called Prizm is going to be the topic of the following review. Read carefully in order to learn all the details and specifics surrounding this new income-increasing solution, created and presented by Richard Squire. The product of his efforts seem powerful, properly-working and highly profitable response to the constantly changing market. We are going to answer the question on if it is a scam or legit choice, you should select as your online Forex trading partner.
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PrizmTech By Richard Squire

A successful investor and online trader, the professional profile of Richard Squire seem perfectly reasonable and making sense when it comes to some Forex trading platform’s creator. His work on the project started in 2007 when he managed to figure out how to create and develop a really innovative and modern system, which lets people earn profits by trading on the market online. However, Mr. Squire was stopped from his goal by other powerful investors that lead lawsuits against him and his product. As a result, the Prism never achieves popularity and publicity. Or at least not until now.

Is Prizm Tech a Scam or Not?

Considering all the available details about this specific trading robot, we can say for sure that traders are going to get a secure and profitable Forex investing process by using it because it is absolutely legit. Not only the positive feedback, provided on the official website of the app proves that but there are also many positive reviews and users’ testimonials in the Internet. In addition, it is obvious that a lot of time, effort and funds have been put in the realization of the whole platform. Its website is professional looking, designed with style and care. There is a lot of relevant and helpful information in it.

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To sum it up, we recommend this Forex trading solution to everyone who wants to finally rely on a really working and legit income-increasing partner in the field of Forex and CFDs trading.

Review Verdict: Prizm is NOT a Scam

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Prizm System – Working Process

The creator of the automated Forex trading bot, makes the revealing that all the other available online trading platforms, that deal with Forex have actually tried to steal the Prism’s code. However, they can’t be successful and profitable because the can’t copy the API key system that makes the great difference here. It is because it seems that every really working Forex platform should have an API key system. Without that, the program is unable to properly connect the broker and the platform. As a result is will be reduced to simply guessing when predicting trades. This is the reason so many unfortunate people lost their savings with these scam trading systems.

Another interesting thing is the fact that, the Prism Forex trading software is finally available and can start earning you about $8,000 per month. Obviously, all the lawsuits are finally won by Mr. Squire. He actually tells us, that the court has given him the right to share his product with the public but only on the condition that he doesn’t sell it.

Finally, there is 24/7 customer support center that is optimized to help people with their ongoing trading issues, questions or queries. So, it seems like there is really nothing to worry about when signing up with this Forex software. You can expect only real profits in real time.

Did You Know?

Forex trading becomes popular just a few years ago, or more specifically – somewhere around 2010. Before that, people were not able to benefit with this type of online investment tools. For the past 2 years, many different income-generating platforms have emerged on the market but only a few proved themselves as really legit and profitable Forex investment partners.

How To Start With The Prizm Software?

People just have to fill out the form with their details. Then, they will automatically be logged into the Prizm Software. However, they should not forget to enable the API-Key and enter it in the initial form, too.


According to us, people should definitely opt for this new trading solution in order to enjoy income-increasing Forex investment process. Our investigation has proven that this platform really works and therefore it deserves thrust and credibility. Don’t hesitate, but make the step toward your stable financial future right now.