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BrokerOrion Code
Official Website URLwww.TheOrionCode.com
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score9.0/10

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A brand new Forex system, released under the name of Orion Code, was released onto the market in the preceding weeks. Its creator – Edward Robinson is a prominent investor and financier who user to work for a high frequency trading firm on the New York Stock Exchange.

The automated investment software has been the subject of many appraising reviews on the Internet and even though it still fresh, users have been generally satisfied with the way it is operating. The first version was released in 2006 and has since generated above $1 billion to its customers.

Review Verdict: OrionCode is NOT a Scam

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The present update is v. 8 and is widely regarded as the prime so far. Orion Code leverages on the advantage of executing the required calculations faster than other Forex auto-trading systems and thus being able to place accurate predictions on assets’ movements faster than them.

The following review is founded on in-depth investigations into Orion Code System and inspects all of its unique characteristics. Read more if you want to learn more about it.

How to Operate with Orion Code?

It is actually quite hassle-free to get started with this particular Forex software as it has the capacity to do everything instead of the trader. Users do not have to be in possession of particular investment knowledge of skills in order to sign up and begin profiting. Of course, if they are seasoned financiers who have preferred strategies and methods, they can make best use of the Orion Code manual mode.

However, the Forex automated robot functions equally well on its own. User testimonials go to prove that people have been having no particular problem in accumulating anywhere between an estimated $1,000 and $10,000 per day.

No Download Required

The investment process is not hindered by any downloading of unnecessary software or updates. Orion Code System is entirely browser-based and creator Edward Robinson has made completely sure that traders can rely on it. This is one of the things which make the Forex robot so smooth to operate with.

How to Get Started with OrionCode System?

Investing with this particular Forex system is not about having extensive market knowledge. It is rather about OrionCode Software’s very own capacity to place just the right trades prompter and quicker than other robots.

Since it has a proven success rate of above 95%, there have been a lot of users piling up to sign up with the automated trading robot. However, free registration is available to 20 lucky people who first manage to take advantage of the exquisite offer. The top7binaryrobots.com mentions that “it provides web-based users with a smooth and hassle-free investment experience in which very little is actually required from them”.

Otherwise, the steps for getting started with OrionCode System are only a few and the following:

  1. Sign Up Free
  2. Place Initial Deposit
  3. Invest & Profit


What is the Orion Code Cost?

As already mentioned, the first 20 people who are fast enough to take full advantage of the opportunity to sign up with the Forex software for free, are not subject to any kind of monetary fee. Anyone who wishes to do so must hurry up in order to secure his spot.

There is a required minimum initial deposit of $250 which is used for investment purposes only and users can withdraw it at any given moment. It is used solely for the purpose of funding one’s trading account with Orion Code.

Expected Returns

Orion Code System by Edward Robinson has excellent return on investment rates. The average user can expect a solid 85% payout even in a worst case scenario. The Forex system has a variety of different trading features which counter the effects of losing investments. This is a proven way to keep customers satisfied as well as secure and ensure their earnings and private funds.


Is Orion Code Legit or a Dubious Scam?

Our exclusive research into Orion Code Software has come up with mainly positive facts about the software. Unlike many Forex scam systems that circulate around the Internet, creator Edward Robinson is an actual person. There have been articles and publications about him in numerous prominent magazines such as Wall Street Journal and Times.


Review Verdict: OrionCode is NOT a Scam

Visit OrionCode Official Website

In fact, he was once nicknamed The Wall Street Wizard for his work in a high frequency trading company. Tired of the low paycheck and long hours which left Edward Robinson little quality time to spend with his family, he decided to take the software he had designed along with a team of expert programmer according to the infamous NQS technology and start up his own company – Orion Inc.

The rest, as a popular saying goes, is history. The Forex automated robot is regarded as one of the top in the online investment industry. Not only this, but users have been content with the way it works and its proven to be authentic and genuine 95% success rate.

All in all, we consider Orion Code System to be a legit and reliable opportunity for users to amplify their digital income with little effort.

Interesting Fact:

The name of the Forex system actually refers to both the constellation and the mythical character from Ancient Greek mythology. Orion was the blind huntsman always searching for the sun.

Customer Support Service

Orion Code Software provides Internet traders with the one-of-a-kind possibility to be catered for around the clock. The customer support team of the Forex system is reportedly very friendly and quick to respond. It operates 24/7, so it does not matter which time zone are users from, and can be reached via telephone, Skype, live chat or email.

User Testimonial:

kattie“This is one of the best Forex trading systems I have ever tested. I did not know a single thing about online investments until I got started with Orion Code. I put on fully automated mode and was granted the amazing opportunity to learn more and basically do whatever I want while it generated me thousands in profits. Everyone should try to take advantage of it!”

Katie Rogers, Bristol, UK


Based on our in-depth inquiry into this Forex automated software, we regard it as a safe and legit way to amplify one’s online earnings. Orion Code operates under some of the strictest and toughest personal data security measures and they are kept in separate servers in different countries. Creator Edward Robinson is an actual person which is a really good factor, and the system has an estimated average ROI of 85%.

Our final verdict would be that traders can proceed without further hesitation to open an account with Orion Code System. It is a legit and authentic way to achieve monetary success on the Internet.