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BrokerOnassis Alliance App
Official Website URLwww.onassisalliance.co
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score8.5/10

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Jed Onassis is the name of the creator of the brand new and highly promising binary options system called Onassis Alliance App. It can generate an estimated $7,000 per day to skilled users and newcomers can expect up to $5,000.

Its average payout rate is 97.4% and the software has the capacity to place counter trades in the opposite direction anytime it notices that an investment might become losing. This is done so that the binary options system can ensure users a satisfactory experience.

From what we were able to find out about it, Onassis Alliance App is a solid and legit profit-amplifying solution that is able to produce sufficient monetary amounts both to any type of online users.

We carried out a detailed investigation into it and what we were able to find out is presented in the review that follows below.

Review Verdict: Onassis Alliance is Not a Scam

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How to Work with Onassis Alliance?

This binary options robot is basically a fully automated software that works on an Algo-trading principle. There is a limited number of free spots per day and the overall number of such does not exceed 100.

So, anyone who wishes to open a trading account with one should hurry up and do so as reportedly the first 25 places have already been take up. Its fail safe mechanism breaks even any financial operation that might have a negative outcome.

Market predictions are calculated within mere seconds after which Onassis Alliance App sends signals to online investors.


No Necessary Download

Creator Jed Onassis states in the promotional video that streams from the official website of the automated trading software that it is 100% browser-based. OnassisAllianceApp is compatible with any device no matter if it is a tablet, smart phone, laptop or PC.

Getting Started with Onassis App

Signing up with this binary options system is just the same as with any other. One has to enter his best details into a sign up form and then open an account with one of the trusted and reputable broker platforms that Onassis Alliance operates with.

Then, the only thing left is for the minimum initial deposit to be placed and users can begin trading. The software has the capacity to work completely hands-free on full auto-pilot. The income-generating solution has lots of special features that ease the investment process and make it profitable.

All in all, one has to complete the following if he wants to get started with OnassisAlliance System:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Enter $250 Deposit

3. Invest & Win


OnassisAlliance Expected Returns

This binary trading robot provides users with an estimated 97.4% success rate. Earnings of up to $7,500 per day are accumulated without problems as OnassisAllianceApp can connect the investor directly to the broker. Its Algo-trading algorithm collects and processes data within fractions of a second, according to the words of creator Jed Onassis and the available user testimonials.

OnassisAllianceApp Price

OnassisAllianceApp is available to users completely free-of-charge. The only monetary deposit which has to be made is the initial one of $250 which funds the trading account of the user. It is a well-known fact that the higher sum one chooses to place – the more his chances for success increase.

Interesting Fact:

The creator of this binary options system Jed Onassis carries the same surname as infamous Greek investor and businessman Aristotle Onassis. However, this is a mere coincidence and the two have no connecting blood line.

Is Onassis Alliance System a Scam or Legit?

From the information available on this binary automated software, we are able to verify that Onassis Alliance System is reliable and legit. Users appear to be completely satisfied with the way it works. All its special features are working properly and there have been no reported troubles with their operational process.

The ability to counter losing trades successfully is one of the things for which the robot has been receiving appraisal. Anyone who wishes to sign up with it, better open an account in a prompt manner as there are only 75 free spots remaining.


Trusted Customer Support Service

Another great feature of Onassis Alliance Software is the customer support one. It is available to users from around the world free-of-charge. Traders can reach the service team via live chat, telephone and email and the first mean is recommended for ones that have pressing matters at hand.

User Testimonial

joseph“The binary options software called Onassis Alliance App is one of the best that you can find on the Internet. It has high payouts and delivers a stable and ensured daily income. The customer support is very friendly and I have never turned to them with a matter they were not capable of resolving. I was knee-high in debts and was wondering what to do with my life before I got started with this system. It turned my life completely around!”

Joseph van der Loom, 45, Netherlands


We are drawing the line on this binary options system with the conclusion that it is a legit and trustworthy one. One would not be making a mistake if he proceeds to sign up with it. Onassis Alliance has the ability to generate solid daily earnings with great ease.

Traders are not required to have preliminary market knowledge or investment skills. They can simply let the software function on complete auto-pilot and they will most certainly not be disappointed by the results.

However, free spots are limited, so, users must hurry up.