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BrokerMillionaire Blueprint
Official Website URLwww.millionairesblueprint.co
Support NumberLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score8.9/10

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The Millionaire BluePrint, also known as 5DayMillionaire, is highly regarded as a solid binary options automated software that allows traders to invest successfully with little background knowledge. The system is simple and easy to use. In fact, it can be operated by anyone regardless of their experience and skills in online finances. All that users have to do is open an account and let the robot generate earnings on their behalf.

Review Verdict: Millionaire BluePrint is NOT a Scam

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This is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable signals, professional services and an intuitive interface. It can execute everything instead of the trader and is known to operate in a prompt and highly profitable for the user manner. Nowadays, time is also scarce, so web-based investors that join the system will have the rare opportunity to save a little bit of it for themselves, too.

Based on all the data we were able to compile on this binary auto-pilot software, we can recommend it as legit and ideal for safe and secure trading by beginners and experts alike. Another great bonus is that Millionaire Blueprint works only with regulated and reputable broker platforms.

How to Use This Robot?

mil blue softThis system executes trades automatically on behalf of traders. Since it is based on complex algorithms, it collects data from different sources and analyzes them to come up with signals and alerts. The first are randomly generated by the software and at those times when there is a favorable position to execute a winning trade. If the system is put on complete auto-pilot, it will not wait for the trader to make a command for it to execute a trade.

However, if the trader has put the robot on manual mode, then it will generate signals for the trader and he will decide whether or not he wants to open a position or wait for the next signal. Investing with an automated system like Millionaire BluePrint Software is easy and quick because users are no longer required to follow trends in the marketplace which can be time-consuming. The presence of online investors in front of their computers is also not required.

No Download Necessary

There are no specific requirements for users in order to get started with the binary options robot. Millionaire Blueprint Software will work on any given device – it does not matter if one prefers to trade on the go with a tablet or smart phone or in the comfort of his own personal laptop or PC at home. The operational system is also not a factor – the robot is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

How to Get Started?

The only monetary amount users are acquired to place with Millionaire Blueprint is the initial deposit of $250. It is utilized entirely for investment purposes. Keep in mind, that the bigger sum you fund your account with at the beginning – the better chances for success.

Otherwise, you can get started with the binary options system following these 3 simple steps:

1. Free Registration

2. Place Initial Deposit

3. Trade & Profit

This binary options auto-pilot software is accessible to everyone without view which part of the world do they come from. People can open an account with it just by entering a couple of basic details into a simple sign up form. The required details are: name, email address and telephone number. A confirmation letter is sent into the user’s inbox and he must click on the given link in order to secure his place.


Since this automated robot is 100% and capable of generating a stable online income on a daily basis, there are many people who struggle to secure one and the same place. In order for the profit amplifying to function properly, the available free spots are limited. Some even speculate that one day the binary options trading robot will be released for Initial Public Offering one day and it will, thus become paid.

Expected Returns

Millionaire BluePrint System is one of the very few binary options auto-pilot platforms that have the ability to ensure its users a stable 75% payout rate and an estimated average 96% winning trades.

Profitability, of course, always depends on the trader’s very own abilities, but as far as the quality of the sent signals and the efficiency of the automated mode are concerned – little is left to chance.

What is The Cost?

At the moment, the Millionaire BluePrint is available for free. The creator of the system – Walter Green, does not charge traders anything to avail the system. But, anyone who wants to use this trading robot have to set up trading account with a broker that is suggested by the software. After an initial deposit is made, traders can start using the system instantly.


Is Millionaire Blueprint Scam or Legit?

There are many auto trading robots on the Internet market that claim to have a 100% accuracy of signals. The truth is that it is not possible for any automated software system to make the right predictions all the time. This is the reason it is essential for traders to be careful when choosing a binary options robot.

The main benefit of using Millionaire Blueprint System is that the auto-pilot begins to execute financial operations only when it is 95% certain that there is a likelihood for a winning outcome. Very few users have ever complained that it has accumulated them losses. In fact, feedback about the binary options software has been mainly positive as many websites confirm, including the Top10BinarySignals.com.

The MBP software enables traders to configure the system and their trades to suit their strategy. All features, including the interface, can be customized. Once the manual mode is turned on, it provides a variety of signals that can be used to maximize profitability. Since we have tested the software and have seen positive results, we approve it as safe and legit.

Interesting Fact:

The name of the binary options automated system is actually a play of words. Millionaire Blueprint would refer to the fact that the software’s programming algorithm is well-executed and can achieve success to almost anyone. Hence, the word blueprint as holding the secret to profitability.

Special Features

Binary options investors will not rarely come across a piece of software that offers the same quality of service and provided special features. This is where the Millionaire BluePrint really stands out from the rest. Whether the matter revolves around customer support service, bonuses in the Members Zone, efficiency or compatibility, the investors are provided with many special features.

Its computer algorithm is subject to constant upgrades and improvements and this is where the name of the binary options software actually comes from. Of course, it is generally based on a Wall Street method of calculating market movements, but its high speed enables traders to place investments faster than people who have joined other systems.

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Customer Service

The MillionairesBluePrint System provides users with full-time customer support service which is accessible via live chat and email. On the live chat, traders can talk with real experts that understand the product and are ready to guide them in all questions. It is available multiple languages.

User Testimonial

vaclavThis is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Before I signed up with Millionaire BluePrint, I was in a sort of dark phase – I had been laid off from work and in the center of a mid-life crisis. Nowadays, I am free to visit any place I like and have an abundance of free time in which I can practice many of my hobbies. I would like to sincerely thank the creator of the binary options system – Walter Green. Everyone should try this product!”

Vaclav Klaus, Warsaw, Poland


Millionaire Blueprint is a reliable and legit binary options system that provides traders with many beneficial opportunities to increase their earnings and achieve financial freedom. It is one of the very few online solutions that have managed to prove themselves as trustworthy and stay afloat. MBP is truly deserving of attention as it will not play dice with your time or savings.