FXRevenge is a Trading Robot Created by Robert Parker
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BrokerFX Revenge
Official Website URLwww.fxrevenge.net
Support NumberChat, Email
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
PayoutUp to 95.5%
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score8.9/10

Full Review

FXRevenge is a Forex trading robot established by Robert M. Parker with the help of his unnamed girlfriend. He used to have a stable office job but decided to look for a second income source 9 years ago. After initial failure and the accumulation of numerous losses, Mr. Parker finally managed to achieve success and decided to start up an online investment tool that could help ordinary people achieve financial success and independence. The software will be made accessible for free sign up only to a limited number of people per day.

fx revenge website

One of the reasons for this is to keep the programming algorithm operating properly and being fully capable of accumulating a solid $400,000 on a yearly basis, or $2,621 daily, to everyone. Robert M. Parker prefers to keep the Forex system free but with a limited number of users, so that all of the members are allowed to profit significantly. Our in-depth inquiry into the Forex trading software managed to establish that it is truly legit and authentic. All personal data is completely protected against unauthorized use and users can rest assured that there is nothing to worry about.

How Does FXRevenge System Function?

The automated Forex solution operates by applying a highly efficient computer algorithm which makes it Algo-trading in general. Not only this, but its database has been filled with market data from the past and ongoing trends. Another thing which is peculiar about this Forex investment robot is that it allows users to copy and mirror Robert’s trades if they wish to do so. They can also apply different strategies and methods they have learned along the way.

All of this makes its estimated accuracy rate of exactly 97.5% and it has been verified as truly authentic. Something which is rarely seen in the online investment industry and especially on the Forex market. The only thing which creator Robert M. Parker asks out of online users is for them to write a short and genuine software review about the success the positive experience they have endured.

Interesting Fact:

FX Revenge Software is currently available for free sign up. The number of users allowed to get started is limited per day and this will continue until the Forex robot’s database has gathered enough data to make the algorithm even more productive. One of the peculiar things about the software’s computer codes is that they are self-learning. It takes great leverage on the fact that currency pairs are extremely volatile for the time being.

No Download Acquired

Many automated Forex systems make online investors download additional materials or software updates. This is not valid for FX Revenge Software. It is entirely browser-friendly and will operate just fine on any given type. Users who prefer to trade on the go can take advantage of its mobile app.


How to Get Started with FX Revenge System?

FXRevenge Software does not have a troubled or hard-to-complete sign up procedure. The fact is that most users go on to state that it is completely hassle-free. All that is needed is for one to type in his best name, email address and telephone number and send them. He will soon get a confirmation letter in his private inbox which features a confirmation link inside.

Traders will be prompted to proceed and follow it. Their registration is now complete and they will be assigned a designated Forex broker platform. All of the ones that FXRevenge System operates with have been certified as legit and genuine by either CySEC or MiFID.

All in all, this auto-pilot solution’s start-up process can be summarized like this:

FX Revenge Software Expected Payouts

Founder Robert M. Parker and his unnamed girlfriend managed to raise theForex robot’s success rate to up to 97.5%. The software is fully capable of issuing accurate market forecasts and one can expect average daily earnings of up to $2,621. Even completely inexperienced people can make about $400,000 on a yearly basis.

fxrevenge returns

FXRevenge Software Average Cost

We have already mentioned above in this Forex system review that this system is available for free to a restricted number of users per day. They have to make a small initial investment of $250 which can be taken back at any moment. One of FXRevenge System’s prime characteristics is that it allows people to start investing with as little as $10.

Is FXRevenge System Legit or Fraudulent?

Our initial inspection of FXRevenge Software managed to determine beyond any doubt that it is one of the most reliable pieces of automated trading systems that can be accessed for free on the Internet. It has been around for some time now and users have issued nothing but positive feedback on it.

There is an ever-increasing number of people who have proceeded to get started with the software. FXRevenge System has programming codes which possess a highly accurate market prediction capacity. It is truly legit and genuine and abides some of the toughest SSL security standards.

Review Verdict: FXRevenge is Not a Scam
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Users can safely proceed and must be prompt to secure one of the limited free spots available daily. They do not need to know a single thing about investing as the Forex robot has a stable success rate and they can get mirror Robert M. Parker’s very own trades

FXRevenge Robot Customer Service

This automated investment tool has one of the most trustworthy customer care teams. Each and every member of the support staff has undergone specific training and has been professionally educated as to be able to address every possible need that users can have. One can get a hold of them via live chat, email, and telephone.

User Testimonials

Lea“FXRevenge System is amazing! I had no prior experience with online investment tools and did not expect very much, but you should have seen the surprised and bedazzled look on my face the first time I opened my trading account. It had grown with over $2,621. Since then, my life has changed for the positive in so many ways!”

Lea Caspari, 29, Switzerland

Dalibor“Anyone who has ever been scammed by a fraudulent Forex trading robot knows that the disappointment is quite hard to overcome. This is why, when I first signed up with FXRevenge Software, I did not raise the bar of my expectations very much. Luckily, the automated Forex system proved me wrong and I have been quite satisfied with the daily results it has been accumulating for me.”

Dalibor Plesko, 43, Slovenia


FXRevenge is one of the best automated Forex robots to get a release in the last couple of months. It operates with reputable and authorized online broker platforms and has been known for its principle of complying with the most strict established security standards. Payouts are stable and daily and users who wish to secure a free spot must hurry up as their number is limited.

They need not worry, even if their market knowledge is limited, they can rely on Robert M. Parker’s very own successful trading history and copy his investments which makes operating with this auto-pilot Forex software completely profitable and risk-free.