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BrokerEpix Trader
Official Website URLwww.EpixTrader.com
Support TypesEmail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master Card, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, AliPay, Diners Club
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.1/10

Full Review

The Epix Trader is a newly established Forex robot which got its Internet release a couple of months ago but users have been piling up to secure one of its free available spots. After this, the auto-pilot software will require a monthly subscription of $393.

It was developed and created by newlyweds Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo who met during the final year of their doctorates in Trading and Finance at a university in Boston. They were rivals back then and their paths separated for a period of 7 years.

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She went on to become a top analyst at a high-end Wall Street firm in New York, while he chose to work as a CFO of a software writing company that specialized in robot trading and remote controlled trading. They met again at a class reunion dedicated to the book The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros where they had to guest lecture. Mark and Tina had similar thinking caps and a passion for market trends and were married less than a year after that.

The Epix Trader App has an estimated RoI rate of 78% – 80% and exploits the profitable opportunities by catching new trends early and then leveraging on their reversals. Our investigation determined that it is legit and authentic and one of the top available automated Forex systems for the time being.

Review Verdict: Epix Trader is Not a Scam

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How Does The Epix Trader Work?

Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo designed the automated investment robot according to three personally developed algorithms. They analyze data based on 3 simple market conditions:

  1. Current Trader Sentiment: Moving averages in order to predict where the markets are swinging.
  2. Best Strike-Rate: Entering a trade at the top available price.
  3. A Combination of Oscillator Filters: The RoI here can rise above 80% and forecasts are made on the base of overbought or oversold market conditions.

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They also allow users to apply 2 different trading systems – Classic and Aggressive. The first one is based on the Fundamental Analysis Method and is best suitable for newcomers, while the latter is intended for sophisticated investors and is designed according to the Double Up System.

The Epix Trader App basically operates on the principle that it places a higher number of trades with a winning ratio of 78% and takes advantage of both current trends and their immediate reversals. Investments are placed in quite the timely manner.

Interesting Fact:

This automated trading tool is designed in compliance with the George Soros’ book The Alchemy of Finance and pays specific attention to the Theory of Reflexivity described in it as well as scalping techniques. Its operational process can be summarized as being based on the principle that markets tend to move more towards disequilibrium than equilibrium.

No Download Required

EpixTraderApp works on any given web browser without a view of its kind or the given device type. Investors who lead busy lives and prefer to carry out financial operations on the move can take advantage of its mobile version.

How to Get Started with TheEpixTraderApp?

One has got to be quick to secure one of the free available spots from the last Beta-testing round. He can do so by filling out a short registration form and then clicking on the link applied in the confirmation mail.

Users will be re-directed towards a trusted broker’s page and will have to make an initial investment of $200. This sum is utilized for trading purposes only and can be withdrawn at any given moment. Plus, The Epix Trader App operates only with genuine and legit Forex brokerage platforms.

In short, one can get started for free with Epix Trader by completing these simple steps:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Make Initial Investment

3. Trade & Profit

The Epix Trader App Average Returns

This Forex investment system has been known to generate sufficient and stable daily returns. EpixTraderApp’s average RoI might be a little lower than the industry’s standard but it leverages on the possibility to place a multitude of short-term trades. Users can expect an average of $3,000 in profits every 24 hours.

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EpixTraderApp System Expected Cost

This auto-pilot robot is now in its final round of Beta-testing. There is a limited number of available free spots. Once enough traders have certified that it is legit and properly-working, it will get its IPO release and the monthly subscription will become $393.

Is The Epix Trader System Legit or Fraudulent?

This Forex robot falls among the top available options on the online market for the time being. Its creators Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo are actual people with excellent investment portfolios. They are well-respected in their previous professional fields.

EpixTraderApp System also has the ability to accumulate well above $3,000 in daily returns. User reviews and testimonials about it have been nothing but positive. Our investigation about it managed to arrive at the crystal clear verdict that it is a legit and genuine piece of automated trading software.

Review Verdict: Epix Trader is Not a Scam

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EpixTraderApp System Customer Care

One of the fascinating things about this automated investment tool is that its customer support staff has been professionally trained and according to existing Forex software reviews has the capacity to address any matter in a thorough and sophisticated manner. The team is also known for having a friendly attitude.

User Testimonials

Tadej“This Forex robot is the best thing that a newcomer can desire. It not only operates on a highly complex principle but its autopilot does all the work instead of you. I know nothing about investments and I earn about $3,500 per day! You can do it too.”

Tadej Struna, 54, Slovenia

Lykke“I wanted to share what a satisfactory and profitable experience I was able to achieve with The Epix Trader App. It is one of my favorite auto-pilot investment tools and I have been trading on the Internet for years. It truly deserves your attention”

Lykke Ljung, 33, Sweden


The Epix Trader System is a finely designed and perfectly working Forex investment tool. Its creators Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo have managed to design a complex algorithm which requires close to no attention, knowledge or effort on part of the actual trader. We can recommend it as a profitable, legit and highly accurate auto-pilot robot. One can proceed to get started with it in a safe and secure manner.