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BrokerCrypto CFD Trader
Official Website URLwww.cryptoCFDtrader.net
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit, Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, BitCoin, Bank Transfer, Diners Club, iDeal
Overall Score9.7/10

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Crypto CFD Trader System is brand new CFD investment software which was released to staggeringly positive feedback and trading reviews. Creator Lenny Hyde is well-known in the financial sphere. He is a prominent economic expert. There are a number of articles published about him in digital and real-life media, such as CNN, BBC, The New York Times, and Bloomberg.

Hyde and his team have managed to implement the best principles of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine-learning into the algorithm. The CFD trading robot has a good and stable daily accuracy rate. Online users have been generating favorable results.

It features a number of exclusive special features that can easily be put into an appliance and come in really handy. They make the whole investment experience a great deal smoother than the usual. An investigation into the crypto trading software did not come-up with anything dubious.

Our verdict is that this is a legit and completely reliable CFD trading solution. One can sign-up for free and expect satisfactory and fruitful trading results. It abides by the best-established SSL standards and stores personal and financial data on separate servers to ensure maximum protection.

Lenny Hyde & the Trading Genius

Being a prominent figure in the high-end investment sphere, Lenny Hyde was always interested in the latest trends and technological innovations. This is why he decided to implement self-learning, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence principles into the algorithm of the CFD trading solution.

Growing tired of the complicated world of Wall Street investors, he teamed up with a close friend and also hired a group of experts in the field of software design, programming, and data analysis. The development process took several years, the last one of which was dedicated to Alpha-testing.

The current phase is the final Beta-testing. Users can get started for free but the number of spots is limited to 10 per day. This is done in order for the CFD trading system to generate as favorable results as possible.

Review Verdict: Crypto CFD Trader is Not a Scam

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Lenny Hyde gives his reasoning for making the registration costless as being the following:

  • The Algorithm is Self-Learning & Needs More Data: The more people that can test how the crypto mining alternative works, the more feedback can be generated. The algorithm can then begin re-writing and correcting the computer codes that led to the bug.
  • Founder Wants to Give Regular Users a Fair Chance: Hyde, himself, has already earned enough to last him a lifetime. He wishes to act independently and work for himself. Having a modest background, he wishes to give the Ordinary Jane and Joe an opportunity to achieve financial prosperity without the specific knowledge or skills.
  • Re-Distribute the World’s Wealth: Lenny has operated on Wall Street for decades. He knows very well that all of the world’s finances are held by a small percentage of wealthy people. Hyde wants to make things different and help average people improve their life.

Interesting Fact:

The creator’s life motto is ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. It was first mentioned in the 1885 English novel ‘Mrs. Dymond’ by Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie. Hyde is also a fan of the novel but usually mentiones the saying in a re-phrased form – ‘If you want to help a person buy him food. But if you want to save a person teach him to hunt’.

Registration Process & Minimum Deposit

The CFD trading software does not require users to pay anything for the sign-up. One simply enters his or her details in a short form. An email confirmation with a link to the individual’s account type is then sent to the private inbox. Users must proceed to the web page it contains.

When they do this, they must complete Phase 2 of the registration, in which they have to give their telephone number so that a representative of a geographically-appointed CFD and crypto broker platform can get in touch with them and help them set up their trading account.

All of the features and the interface can be personally customized. The CFD brokers that the currency trading tool partners with are approved, constantly monitored, and legit. This is visible from the stamps-of-approval present on their website.

The minimum deposit for the cryptocurrency exchange is the industry standard of $250. This is not a payment, merely just a way of funding the account. The sum can be withdrawn at any given moment.

This CFD software applies strict safety and security measures, backed up by a 256-bit encryption protocol. The shortest way of getting started with it is the following:

1. Free Sign-Up

2. Make Deposit & Trade

3. Get Good Results & Withdraw

Legit & Authentic CFD Trading Solution

Crypto CFD Trader System is one of the top-rated cryptocurrency trading tools for the given moment. It allows users to purchase contract-for-differences (CFDs) for the main Altcoins. This is how it manages to generate favorable results even when the Bitcoin value or that of another digital currency is low. Users can still acquire good earnings even in the case of a cryptopocalypse.

It offers excellent special features which users can easily customize. Its operational process and programming algorithm are highly-advanced and sophisticated. Reviews about have been positive and with a praising tone. The applied SSL procedure make up for safe and sound investments. Our verdict is that it is completely legit and trustworthy

Did You Know?

Cryptopocalypse refers to the great crisis in the value of nearly all Altcoins at the beginning of 2018. The prices began falling drastically and this led to great losses for users who engage in scrypt mining and currency trading. Crypto CFD Trader System and its client results were unharmed due to the CFD trading software’s unique algorithm patterns.

Prime Special Features & Sophisticated CFD Trading Tools

Users can adjust the unique tools of the crypto trading robot exactly according to their preferences. They are available for free to anyone that gets started with Crypto CFD Trader System. Client testimonials confirm that people are satisfied and content with the special features.

Review Verdict: Crypto CFD Trader is Not a Scam

Visit Crypto CFD Trader Official Website

We have compiled a short list of the top ones:

  • Unique Self-Learning, Machine-Learning, and AI Algorithm Principle;
  • Browser- and Device-Friendly;
  • Keeps Users Safe from Cryptopocalypse;
  • Around-the-Clock Support;
  • Good for Beginners & Advanced Investors;
  • Offers CFDs for all Cryptocurrencies;
  • List of 100 Different Assets;
  • Adjustable & Easily-Customizable Interface;
  • Intricate Computer Coding;
  • No Preliminary Experience, Education or Training Required;

Crypto CFD Trader System – Versatile & Resourceful!

Crypto CFD Trader System is a legit and genuine currency trading tool. It is multifaceted and offers costless access to a handful of unique trading tools. The CFD robot partners only with regulated and approved broker platforms that have official certification.

Its performance on the regular and Altcoin market remains unrivaled. Users who wish to secure one of the ten free available daily spots have to be quick in order to do so. They are in for a safe and completely secure trading experience with great daily results.