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Official Website URLwww.CarbonFX.org
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, Sofort
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score9.8/10

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CarbonFX is a Forex robot which was founded by Michael Klein and recently released onto the online trading market. Users from all over the world have been pilling up to secure one of the limited free daily spots.

The sign-up procedure is as simple as possible. The creator is an actual person and not just a paid actor like it is with other profit-amplifying solutions. We have examined his personality very closely and he is completely authentic.

Another good reason to get started with the investment software is for its consistent winning ratio of 97%. Such a high success rate means that users, without a view of their personal and professional experience in trading, can achieve consistent daily profits of more than €2,753.

If they choose to continue using the Forex system, then they would never have to work a day more in their lives. The digital trading software helps users become financially independent and free. They also have nothing to worry about as the investment robot is completely legit and reliable.

Review Verdict: CarbonFX is Not a Scam

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Who is the Creator Michael Klein?

The founder and CEO of the company behind this digital trading tool is called Michael Klein. He does not have a wealthy background who calls himself an ‘everyday Joe’. Mr. Klein used to work a regular 9-to-5 day job for a big corporation.

His work week was 40 hours and he had to sit stuck in the traffic jam every morning and evening on the way to and from where his office was located. The day that changed everything in 2005 started completely normal.

Michael barely managed to get in time at the office and he was called into an urgent meeting along with the rest of his colleagues. Their manager informed them that the company had to make serious cutbacks of over 30% and that most of them would have to clear their desks.

He could barely hold his breath but he did not end up losing his job. Mr. Klein did, however, witness the financial and personal fall of his colleagues, some of whom were faced with foreclosure, financial breakdown, and meltdown.

The only thing that he wanted was to come back home to his significant other and their children. Klein states that she is the person he admires the most. He started looking up different digital trading solutions but unfortunately, most of them turned out to be a complete scam.

It was finally time to make a crucial and life-changing decision. Things had to change. So Michael began work on the only investment method that he trusted – a legit Forex trading robot.

Interesting Fact:

Michael Klein also considered different ways in which he could earn a secondary or primary income on the Internet. The other possibilities included real estate, graphic design, software development, and investing in stocks. After careful consideration and examination, he decided that they were way too complicated for him. The former office guy decided on Forex trading as it was the most reliable and authentic profit-generating solution.

How to Operate with the Forex Robot?

The creator of CarbonFX trading robot spent long hours trading with different Forex systems before he managed to save enough to finally quit his job and establish the investment system. He acquired first-hand knowledge of what the end user actually wants and this helped him make the interface as user-friendly as possible.

The digital investment solution’s computer algorithm is an Algo-trading one. Its interface is highly-intuitive and there is nothing easier than setting up a trading account. One of the more peculiar things that users find very helpful about the way the trading software operates is the fact that it applies quantum technology.

This is one of the most advanced currently available analysis methods. It is also capable of assessing a given piece of information quicker than most investment systems and can thus deliver market forecasts and place trades way quicker.

Which is highly beneficial for the end user. He or she can acquire monetary earnings faster and has enough free time to enjoy quality time spent with different hobbies or with friends and family.


No Download Required

Traders are not particularly fond of the fact that most investment solutions have to be downloaded and installed separately onto one’s desktop or mobile device. The Forex investment tool at hand is quite different in the sense that it is completely browser-based.

It is compatible with any given browser and device type. Investors who are on the constant run or like to travel frequently will also like the fact that there is a mobile CarbonFX app which does not need anything else than a stable Internet connection in order to function properly.

How to Get Started with the Forex Trading Tool?

One could say that opening an account with this virtual trading robot is as simple as pie. Users who have already tried the different profit-amplifying solutions available on the Internet will not find it very hard to sign-up for free.

There is one thing which they should keep in mind and that is that there is a limited number of free daily spots. The demand for them is way too high. This is why it is best to hurry-up and secure one. The easiest way to do so is to go to the Forex investment instrument’s official website and fill out the required basic personal details.

Users will then receive a confirmation email with an applied link inside. When they click on it, they will be redirected to a trusted Forex broker platform’s web page where they can finally set up a trading account.

Users, who have fallen to scams before, have nothing to worry about as all platforms that the Forex investment software partners with are regulated and approved by the appropriate authorities. They abide all existing SSL standards and this makes trading with CarbonFX robot extremely profitable and completely secure.

Here are three short steps to getting started with the income-accumulating solution:

1. Free Sign-Up

2. Make Initial Deposit

3. Invest & Win

What are the Provided Special Features?

There is no reliable and authentic Forex trading system without unique special features. Users like to feel pampered and special. This is the exact attitude they will receive from the investment robot. Let’s take a look at which the top characteristics are:

  • Easy Set-Up: One does not have to be a technical genius in order to get started with the software. The interface is intuitive, there are step-by-step instructions, and the graphic visuals are simply stunning.
  • Small Initial Deposit: Every online investment tool requires some kind of initial deposit. The minimum level is $250 but we recommend a higher sum as it also increases the profits.
  • Social Trading Feature: Michael Klein is nowadays considered a top-rated trader. His Forex system allows users to follow the steps of sophisticated investors and choose the precise portfolio that they wish to copy and learn from.
  • Fully Automated: One of the things which separate this Forex system from other available income-accumulating solutions is the fact that users can leave it on auto-pilot all day and still be entitled to €2,753 in profits the next morning.
  • Wide Range of Available Currencies: Traders can choose from an extended list of currency pairs.
  • Eliminates Emotional Trading: The auto-pilot mode of the Forex trading solution completely eliminates the likelihood of anyone making any kind of mistakes when trading under severe emotional stress.

Forex Investment Tool Expected Payouts & Profits

Thanks to the fact that the auto-pilot robot features both manual and automated mode, any user who gets started with it can enjoy an annual daily income of at least €2,753. This means that his or her monthly income would exceed €54.321. Investors can easily quit their job and rely solely on the profit-accumulating solution to generate them steady and consistent daily earnings.

Forex Trading Software Average Cost

As we have already mentioned above, users do not have to make any kind of monetary deposits in order to take full advantage of the trading robot’s services and earn solid daily sums. Registration is absolutely free but users must be quick to secure one of the available daily spots.

There is a minimum deposit of $250 that every member is required to make but it is utilized solely for the purpose of funding one’s account type. It can be transferred back into one’s bank account at any given moment at the exact request of the trader.

Is CarbonFX a Scam or Legit Forex System?

Our investigation did not manage to find any disturbing facts or negative trading reviews about this online trading software while we were carrying out our investigation on the Internet. The investment instrument and its creator Michael Klein are completely legit and authentic.

The Forex investment tool provides free access to a ton of useful special features. It has beautiful graphics and an interactive interface that one can easily customize. Another good reason why to get started with the profit-amplifying solution is the fact that it partners only with trustworthy and constantly regulated platforms.

Review Verdict: CarbonFX is Not a Scam

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The Forex trading robot also abides with and complies with some of the strictest and toughest established SSL standards. Personal and financial data is kept safely stored in several different servers across the globe.

Forex Robot Customer Support Care

The customer care service of this income-generating solution operates 24/7 and goes through regular professional training. This ensures that all team members have a comprehensive understanding of the investment process and the conditions it requires in order to be profitable to online traders. It is multilingual and can be accessed via Skype, live chat, and email.

User Testimonials

“This is one of the BEST Forex trading tools that I have ever tried. You can choose from a very long list of available currency pairs and make full use of the provided special features. Setting up an account does not take up much of your time and the profits are more than amazing. The auto-pilot feature recently earned me €3,971 in a single day!”

Carla Chavarria, 38, Spain

“I am an experienced trader and have dedicated my entire time to investing online for the last couple of years. This is why I was reluctant to get started with this Forex investment robot at first. I have dealt with scam many times but something in this investment software’s algorithm impressed me very much. Needless to say, I am more than content with the generated daily results! It is pure technical and financially profitable perfection!”

Marcus Zwieger, 52, Germany


CarbonFX is a Forex trading tool which was recently released onto the Internet. It managed to captivate online investors and has had a steady and reliable daily success rate. Any user who wishes to become financially independent and free to do whatever he wishes with his leisure time.

The digital investment solution is easy to operate with and does not require sophisticated trading skills. Its special features come in handy and the customer care staff is friendly and helpful. The sign-up is also free and users can only benefit if they get started right away.