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BrokerBitcoin Revolution
Official Website URLwww.BitcoinRevolution.com
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Master, Paypal,Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi Walet, OK Pay
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.6/10

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Bitcoin Revolution Software is a newly-launched trading system. It operates in the digital financial markets. The founders and creators have stated that it is developed by some of the top-notch software engineers in the world. Most of them are also experienced investors with superb portfolios. They have worked for prominent financial institutions, like ‘J. P. Morgan’.

This background has allowed them to design a fully-functional, legit, and reliable trading app. It features two modes of operation – an assistance mode and a manual mode. The former provides digital help to the user, informing him on the latest asset price shifts and suggesting possibilities. The latter puts everything into the hands of the individual and lets him or her make decisions on their own.

Our team performed an in-depth investigation into the matter. We cross-examined every fact and peculiar detail about the Bitcoin Revolution Software. What we managed to determine beyond a doubt is that the investment software is legit and trustworthy. It is one of the finer trading apps currently available for free sign-up. One can safely proceed to get started with it.

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Review Verdict: Bitcoin Revolution is Not a Scam

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What Is Bitcoin Revolution Software? Who Are the Creators?

This financial trading app was developed by some of the most experienced investors in the business. Most of them are passionate day traders and have dedicated their lives to the study and proper appliance of different investment strategies. The rest of the team of the creators of Bitcoin Revolution Software consists of expert programmers, graphic designers, and software developers.

All of them have combined forces in order to present users with a visually-entangling and financially-cunning trading solution. The investment app applies a tech-savvy design. One of the fields of operation is CFDs – the so-called contract-for-differences. The same creators also developed another legit and authentic trading app – the Bitcoin Future Bot Software.

Did You Know?

What is considered to be the main pro and positive side to handling CFDs investment-wise is that traders don’t have to be in possession of the actual asset. The main strategy for trading with them is that one purchases a contract for a particular price movement that might occur somewhere in the very near or distant future. They do not have to operate with the actual asset. If market prices begin to decline or fall, however, one is entitled to selling his share in order to maximize gains.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Revolution Software?

sign up process

There is nothing more simple and easy to do than to sign up for the trading services, provided by this investment app. Clients simply have to visit the official website of Bitcoin Revolution Software and enter their best details into a digital sign-up form. It is as simple as pie!

The procedure is fully encrypted and secure. It applies a 256-bit encryption protocol. There is no need to worry about the handling of personal data or leakage of private information. The required data includes a name, telephone number, and email address. One should also anticipate a call from a licensed partnering platform. The said will help the customer set up and open an account. It also seeks to cater to any additional problems or questions that the user might have.

There is nothing more to it!

To sum it all up, here are the 3 simple steps to follow in order to get started and open a trading account with Bitcoin Revolution Software:

  1. Sign-Up Free
  2. Open Trading Account & Make Initial Investment
  3. Trade & Accumulate Good Results

What Are the Costs to Opening a Trading Account with Bitcoin Revolution Software?

There are no hidden fees or additional costs to registering for the investment services, provided by this trading solution. The only monetary cost that users might be faced with is the initial deposit. It amounts to a minimum of $250. Of course, one can also place a bit more. The higher the initial investment – the better the end results. If the user is not satisfied with them, he or she can always request to get the deposit transferred back. Everything is done with the client in mind!

Is the Bitcoin Revolution Software a Scam or Legit?

We have carefully examined every fact and detail that there is about the Bitcoin Revolution Software. Truth be told, we did not manage to find anything disturbing about it, its creator or the provided investment services. It has a lot of useful and helpful special features which allow it to function splendidly. There are educational and new sections which are updated on a daily basis.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Revolution is Not a Scam

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They allow the client to stay up-to-date with the most recent asset price movements. If one is less experienced, the education section allows one to grow and expand the investment horizons before him or her. The two operational modes make the placement of trades easy. One can always turn to the assistance mode for guidance and advice. Or one can choose to do it one’s way with the manual mode. The only minus is that there is a limited number of free daily spots – one must be very quick in order to secure one of them. Otherwise, he or she will have to wait for the next day.

All in all, Bitcoin Revolution Software is a legit and authentic investment app. It offers a user-friendly experience to anyone that gets started. Every process is encrypted and secure. Results are stated to be quite good, too.

How Is the Customer Support, Provided by Bitcoin Revolution Software?

Every member of the customer care team goes through extensive training before sitting down to address client needs and concerns. They are professionally qualified. Most of the users that have dealt with the support team state that they have a friendly attitude. The service is made available 24/7 and in several different languages.


Bitcoin Revolution Software is a legit and authentic trading app. There are a plethora of different reasons to open an investment account with it. It provides access to useful tools, an educational and a news section, round-the-clock customer care, two modes of operation (assistance and manual), and is known to generate good and satisfactory daily results. All processes are encrypted. Everything is completely secure and safe. There are no additional costs and hidden fees. It has a good reputation and is widely regarded as being worth the attention and the initial deposit of the client. Users will not be making a mistake if they opt to secure one of the free daily spots. They are not countless so it would not be a mistake to hurry up.