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D. Knox asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask whether anyone has ever tested the Zulander Hack System. It has been around for a while, but I heard that many users are experiencing technical difficulties? Also, is it available as an app? And why is it called this way, does it have anything to do with the movie.

Its graphic design is nothing impressive, but maybe it applies some very successful investment strategy or method. I need to know because I am wondering whether I should open an account with the Forex automated robot?

Best Regards,

D. Knox

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Hello D. Knox,
There is no reason for you to get started with Zulander Hack. It is the work of proven scammers. In fact, creator Michael A. Wright is not an actual person, just a fabricated persona whose only purpose is to give the Forex trading robot more credibility. It promises to deliver 100% success, but this is impossible. No software can achieve such a result.
Other than this, there is no information whether Zulander Hack has anything to do with the film of the same name. The team behind the income generating software has never provided any information whether it has anything to do with it. It is possible that the name was chosen to make the system more appealing to users.

It is best for you to test a proven to work income generating solution as this robot is proven to be a scam. There are many legitimate systems on the Internet – you can check up the best ones on

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