ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareWhat can you tell me about TripleLockProfits – is it a scam?
Andrew Collem asked 2 years ago

Hello dear investigators, and congrats on all the good work you are doing. I recently discovered the Triple Lock Profit system and have read some mixed opinions about it. I couldn’t find anything solid to confirm or dismiss my thoughts that it could be unreliable. Since I have previous bad experience with online trading scams, I want to be 100% sure that what I am signing up for is secure. So I turn to you asking for your expert opinion on this software in order for me to proceed in some way. I am also ready to hear your recommendation how to proceed. Thank you!

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Andrew and thank you for appreciating our hard work. This means a lot. On the topic of your question – the TripleLockProfits is no a reliable choice in our opinion. We discovered that the man who is posed as the creator of the software – Mr. William Maynard, is a fabricated persona for whom a stock photo has been used. This is probably the clearest sign that something is probably wrong with the authenticity of the system.
We do not know what your sources are, but after going through all of ours, including people who have tested the software in action, we can confirm that the TripleLockProfits is scam. It makes us happy that you rely on our work, we are doing it for people like you! After months of investigating and trade-testing, we can now recommend you the QProfit System as the market leader that will probably succeed in answering your investment needs. Check it out and get back to us with your feedback!

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