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Michael Sorch asked 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I just recently came across a platform called The 1Option. They claim to offer three different system for making investments in Forex options. It is a simple site with a simple structure. But that is what bugged me most. I am not sure they have provided enough information to make me believe in the opportunities they are offering. That is why I am asking you to share what you know about the 1Option trading platform. Is it a scam or it is actually safe to trade with them?

I would also be grateful if you share your top recommendation since I am truly interested in automated investments and making passive income. Thank you in advance!

Michael Sorch

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Michael and thank you for your question.
It is indeed a neat website but you are right to be worried. We at looked into the platform. We discovered some serious red flags regarding the platform. Apart from the lack of information, it is also proven to be unreliable by people who have trade-tested it already. We discovered a significant number of complaints regarding The1Option. Our team is of the opinion that it is risky to trade with it since it has not been proven to work properly.
Our top recommendation currently is the sophisticated QProfit System software by Jerry Douglas. Read our full review of the auto-trading system and consider it as a better alternative. Or you can choose one of the other robots we highly recommend. Good luck!

sasha answered 2 years ago

I want to start working with a verum option, someone already traded with it? as a broker?

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