ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareWhat is the Success Rate of Algomaster System?
J. Warner asked 3 years ago

I will go straight to the point. The creator of the Forex trading software Algomaster System claims that the success rate of his platform can go to 94.6%. As this seems way too high winning ratio to me, I would like to ask if this is true, or just a lie of a scam system creator?

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Manager answered 3 years ago


We completely understand your concerns about this online Forex tool. In fact, you have every reason to doubt in it, because all the available feedback regarding its profitability is negative. The developing team of the robot does claim that their software achieves 94.6% success rate. However, this is a statement that is not proven, neither it is confirmed. So, our advice for you is not to trust these people and just find a truly proven to work Forex and CFDs trading platform.

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