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Jonathan F. asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask whether anyone has tried the Steal My System Forex robot. I saw an ad of it online and was wondering whether to open an account. I don’t actually like the name very much and the fact that I can’t find the full name of creator Steven anywhere, so I would sincerely appreciate some additional info on it. Can you, please, provide me with such?

I have tried many online profit solutions. Some of them were good, some not that much. But the user interface of Steal My System looks pretty simplistic even to my own criteria. The promo video claims that it can generate more than $3,000 a day. Is this really true or just the next dubious claim issued by a scam?

Thank you for your help,

Jonathan F.

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Hey Jonathan,
There is no point for you to get started with this Forex investment software. Not only is it unable to generate $3,000 per day, but it is a proven scam. That’s the exact reason why creator Steven’s full name was never provided to users – he simply does not exist. Steal My System does not have any outstanding features other than customer support and is more likely to lose your initial deposit rather than amplify it. You should try and open an account with one of Top10BInaryDemo’s trusted robots instead. They are proven to work properly.
Wish you luck!

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