ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareWhat exactly is the Retired Millionaire scheme – is it a scam?
Jeremy Scorovitz asked 2 years ago

Hello from Ireland! I wanted to discuss with you the Retired Millionaire opportunity – is it authentic or not, can you actually profit with its help? According to what I found out about it, this is an online income generating platform but unfortunately, I am not sure how it operates and hoped that you might have some feedback. It has bee developed by someone called Greg Larson. Can you explain to me how does it actually generate these $500 per day it promises if it does at all? Thank you in advance, I’ll await your feedback before proceeding with any further actions.

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Jeremy and thank you for your question. The Retired Millionaire scheme by Greg Larson is a scam. It is not even related to online automated investments. This is an MLM initiative, where MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing. Many people have lost their funds to such schemes and you should avoid this one as well.
In addition to that, if you have watched the entire promotional video for the initiative and have at least a little bit of experience in the online trading world, you will notice something very familiar. These are the people who supposedly give their feedback on the system. They are paid actors and we have seen their faces on many other scam products trying to convince the viewers that the promoted products are reliable and profitable.
Our team at is convinced of the scam nature of the Retired Millionaire and our advice is to search for a proven to be authentic and working system instead! Our top recommendation currently would be the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas.
Best regards!

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