ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareProve my Profits by Ted Morgan – Scam or Safe?
Jas Oslou asked 3 years ago

Hello, Forex experts!
I am happy that I managed to find a place like your forum to ask and to discuss questions about the Forex industry. Thank you!
And my question today is about the new system on the market called ProveMyProfits – created by Ted Morgan and his team. I received a private invitation (of course) to join this robot for free. The video and the whole idea brought me to the conclusion that this software is a rebrand of the LieDetectorMillionaire and Polygraph Millionaire. Am I right or wrong?
i was not able to find many prove my profits reviews on the internet so i will be glad if you can share your trading experience and observations about this new robot. Is the Prove my profits system scam or I can trust it and fund an account with their recommended Forex robot?

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