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Karin C. Murphy asked 3 years ago

Hey everyone, I wanted to ask whether anyone has heard anything about the Option Robot. I have heard that it is relatively new in the Forex investment sphere, but people consider it to be a legit and reliable source of online income. Do you know what the payout rates are? Also, does it have any additional special features which make it stand out among other systems?
To be completely honest, I have read only positive reviews about it, so I am quite convinced that I will open an account with Option Robot and place the initial deposit, but I wanted to make sure just in case. I have tried systems that were more than scams. They managed to drain my bank account almost completely.

I was so disappointed that I almost got turned away from Forex trading systems in general. It took me a couple of months before I finally got back on track. It was so dreadful! But let’s not talk about the past now. I am very enthusiastic about Option Robot and can’t wait for your thorough answer.



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Manager answered 3 years ago

Dear Karin,


I am deeply sorry that you have undergone such disappointment in the past, but you have nothing to worry about – this Forex trading system is truly genuine and legit.


Its payout rates are about 94% which is a very good results. Expected returns on investment are about 80%, so there are very small chances of making a losing financial operation. OptionRobot is new and has yet to gain popularity, but the people that have actually tested it have issued only positive feedback. Our inspection and review of the income generating software prove that the software operates correctly – its special features are also very solid, take for example the stop loss feature and the Profit Amplifier – these are some very good characteristics which every system should posses.


Option Robot utilizes a highly efficient and sophisticated programming algorithm. It is renown for working at an extremely high speed and the accuracy of the predictions it issues. This is what makes its signals so reliable and trustworthy. This Forex robot is recommended for beginners and sophisticated traders alike. Best Wishes, Forum Manager


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