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Christopher D. Tran asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

A lot of fellow traders have considered using the Neo Squared System but say that they doubt the story told by the people in the video.. None of them is a professional trader, however, and I wanted a more professional investment opinion, so I can make an educated choice. Not that I do not like the income generating solution. At first glance, it appears to be quite legit.

What I wanted to know is who are the people behind the Forex automated system and why does it resemble the Matrix so much? Is it capable of achieving good profits?

Thanks for the feedback!


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Manager answered 3 years ago

Dear Christopher,

The people behind the software are: Dr. Jack Pears – Founder of the Neo2 Forex system, Amit Gupta – Head Developer and William Van Loon – Chief Financial Officer. All of them have no verifiable backgrounds. This could be dangerous, as they might be just paid actors, trying to push their scam software.

Neo 2 Software has an accuracy of signals level that claimed to be more than 85% and it is said to accumulate well above $2,000 per day to experienced traders. But these results cannot be verified or confirmed. That’s why, our team’s professional advice is not to rush into a sign up, as it might be a scam. And you are right to doubt the authenticity of the claims made.

Best Wishes!

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