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J. Lopez asked 3 years ago

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask whether anyone has ever tested My Millionaire Mentor System? I stumbled upon an online ad suggesting that I should open an account with it. When I went to its landing page and inspected it a bit more, the Forex automated robot began looking more and more like a scam to me.

I really want to find a reliable income generating solution, but do not think that this is the right one. Can anyone share his personal opinion?

Thanks in advance,

Mrs. Lopez

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Dear Mrs. Lopez,
You have a very sharp eye and good judgment. Indeed, My Millionaire Mentor Software is a proven scam. The team has tested this Forex investment robot and almost none of its special features operate properly. The customer support one is especially unreliable. They claim to be 24/7, but are rarely available and almost never online. The advice and so-called guidance they provide has nothing to do with trading reality.
It would be best if you turn to a proven to work Forex automated system. One that truly does work, has a proven success rate and sends accurate signals.
Best Wishes,
Forum Manager

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