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Garry Stringer asked 2 years ago

Hello, a friend of mine showed me the new MT Soft trading system by John Harrison. He is very excited about joining it but I asked him to postpone making the next step until we can get the opinion of professional trading investigators. I have been following your website for almost two years now and I am quite impressed with the work you do. So I mustered up the courage to ask you about the situation with the MT Soft. I know that the industry is full of scam systems, have become a victim of some myself and I am really tired of making the same mistake over and over again. This is me turning to you with the request to assist me with determining whether MTSoft is scam. I have made profits with some of the systems you recommend and I know I can trust your judgment. Please, help us out!

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Mr. Stringer, good that you turned to us. Because our investigation reached a conclusive result. The MT Soft is scam and John Harrison is a fabricated person. There a couple of signs that can give away a scam software. First, there is the fictitious creator and background. John Harrison is a generic name and the only person associated with online investments as a creator that goes by that name is the one related to this system. And he is only mentioned in reviews by other investigators like us. There is no additional online presence.
The other sign is the high far-fetched results that cannot be confirmed. The MT Soft promises the outrageous $14,500 in daily profits. This is basically impossible to achieve if you are a small investor and most people that use auto-trading systems are. Look for a system that promises more reasonable results in the lower thousands if you want to be sure that it will deliver.
Last but not least, there are the testimonials. The ones presented by the scammers behind this software are all fabricated. Stock photos and pictures of unsuspecting people have been used to create them. This is another proof that the results of the MT Soft cannot be verified.
Tell your friend to avoid the software like yourself. It is a scam.

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