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Enrique Garcia asked 2 years ago

Hi guys!

I regularly follow the updated information on your website and recently one particular product grabbed my attention. It is about CarbonFX. I want to ask does it provide its users with autopilot mode?

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Dear Enrique,
The software is absolutely automated which means that it is perfectly suitable for everyone. You can choose between the autopilot mode or the manual version. It is all up to you.

Conradina Rheinhart answered 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to add some more info on the CarbonFX robot. I opened my trading account with it about half a year ago. My results and earning with it are just amazing.

The Forex robot lets you choose between manual and auto-pilot mode and it is best to get started with the first one if you have no prior trading experience. I personally did the same before beginning to apply my very own strategies.

This is the greatest thing about CarbonFX – it allows you to learn and acquire earnings at the same time. I am currently making about €2,500 per day!

Hope this helped you,


Erik Sontard answered 2 years ago

Ah! The infamous autopilot! I have traded with many systems but this CarbonFX is German profit machine! It probably has the best and most accurate autopilot I have used so far. Many genuine systems provide good automated modes, but this one is just unstoppable in a good sense. It has a lightning fast execution and I have noticed that the algorithms of the software make fast AND accurate calculations. I don’t think there is more to ask from a system, especially if you have little experience and truly do need a good and stable autopilot.

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