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John Kendrick asked 2 years ago

Hello team, I came across the McDonalds Millionaire App while browsing for my next investment software. It has a weird background, its young creator Robert Mfune is said to be a typical rags-to-riches star who used to work for McDonalds. There are even some articles about him online. This is the worst! Most people do not read till the end and decide that these articles are to promote Mfune and his system. Read, people! You will see that the online field is full of articles pointing out that this story is fake and debunking the McDonalds Millionaire App’s story! It is a scam! I am passionate about warning you because a friend of my got tricked by the software and lost a significant amount of money. Please, do not be too quick to join and stay on the safe side!

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello John, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. It is true that people often dive into the first opportunity they see because it sounds tempting. This is the surest way to get yourself into trouble with a trading scam software. That is why our team tries to expose as many of the scammers as possible and inform people of the scams. The input of readers like you is highly valuable as it gives a bigger and better picture of the situation in the industry. Be sure to share more of it with us!
Best regards!

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