ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs Mark Stevenson Is Planning To Upgrade the Infinity App?
Zazar F. asked 3 years ago

The latest Forex trading software I am using is the Infinity App. I don’t know what made me choose this system, but I am surely not regretting making this decision. I am actually very happy that I chose the Infinity App.

So today, I want to share my experience and views about this software. Mark Stevenson who is the creator of the Infinity App is a genius and I have many reasons to say this.

This software offers an out of this world trading experience. I never expected it to be so reliable and profitable. I am earning good profits with it. Mr. Stevenson has incorporated the latest technology into his algorithmic trading solution which is making all this high profits possible.

In addition, there are so many nice features it has to enhance the trading experience. It gives traders the ability to control risk levels and it also has reverse trading features that help traders protect their money in case the software goes on a losing streak.

So far, I am having a good time with Infinity App. But I heard that Mr. Mark Stevenson may soon upgrade this software. An upgrade means more good features, better tools and improved results. But does it also mean the app will become Paid from Free?

Do you have any information on this? Please share.

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