ForumCategory: Binary Options SoftwareWhat is the Special Feature in Lucrosa Software by John Lucrosa? Scam or not?
asked 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I would like to gather more opinions and feedback about one particular binary trading system that is called Lucrosa. More specifically, I would like to understand if there is something special and unique when it comes to the implemented trading algorithm of this binary online robot? Or it is just average and not so good working piece of software?


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Manager Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi John,
We are very happy to see you in our website. It is very good that you are interested in all the aspects of the binary trading products that are launched on the market. To answer your question we won’t disappoint you – because the evidence is good and definitely in favour of the system. The Lucrosa robot is not a scam and its results have been confirmed by independent investors. And therefore you can safely consider it as a good trading alternative for your profitable investments in binary options.

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