ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareDoes Kiyosaki Formula have anything to do with Robert Kiyosaki or is it scam?
Marcus Sollvari asked 2 years ago

Hi everybody! I recently read the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki and soon after came across the so-called Kiyosaki Formula. I have some experience in the field of online investments but since my resources are limited, I was unable to do a thorough research into the software. My question is have you had the chance to thoroughly investigate this system and what did you find? Is Mr. Robert Kiyosaki truly related to the system in some way or this is one of the scams that just use the names of popular and rich people to lure people to sign up with them?

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Marcus,
you are very right to ask that question. Having experience in the industry gives you the chance to monitor its development and many people start noticing the similarities between most of the scam platforms. The Kiyosaki Formula is, in fact, one of these systems that rely on the name of a famous person to attach credibility to their story. In reality, this software is not associated with Robert Kiyosaki in any way.
Avoid this system because it is made of false promises and far-fetched claims, in addition to the fake statements that it has relation to the author and entrepreneur.

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